Here’s to repeat business

While most entrepreneurs would consider themselves fortunate to launch just one successful venture, there are others who make it a habit. They no sooner get one business up and running than they’re looking for the next opportunity.

Jon Labrum, the latest winner of an annual entrepreneurship award presented in the Grand Valley, constitutes an excellent example of so-called serial entrepreneurs. After launching an information technology company, Labrum opened two franchise restaurants and a flight school. That’s not to mention his telecommunication services and business consulting firms. It’s difficult to imagine ventures any more diverse — or just how Labrum manages to keep all the balls he’s juggling in the air.

So what’s the secret? Good time management is an important factor, Labrum says, but so is finding the right employees, delegating responsibilities to them and trusting them to do a good job. Ultimately, the success of a business — multiple businesses,  in fact — boils down to taking good care of customers and employees, Labrum says.

Here’s to entrepreneurs who know a thing or two about repeat business.