High-speed Internet services available in Grand Junction

Spectrum Business Enterprise Solutions has announced the availability of high-speed Internet access and other services delivered over an expanding fiber network in the Grand Junction area.

The services, branded GIG+, offer speeds ranging from megabits through multiple gigabits per second. The services include Internet access and data networking as  well as voice and commercial video.

More than 50 percent of businesses, 69 percent of health care organizations and 72 percent of schools are located within areas that can be served by GIG+, the company stated in a news release.

“With an advanced network infrastructure that continues to grow in both reach and capacity, Spectrum Business Enterprise Solutions delivers the reliability and speed that Grand Junction business and public sector organizations need to maintain a competitive edge in an ever-increasing digital work environment,” said Phil Meeks, president of business services, a division of Charter Communications.

According to Spectrum Business Enterprise Solutions, a gigabit-ready network accommodates big data sets and the increasing demands of device connectivity. The higher speeds also can handle cloud-based storage and video conferencing as well as multichannel marketing.

For more information, visit www.Gig4GrandJunctionCO.com or www.enterprise.spectrum.com.