Hilltop awarded for psychologically healthy work place

Hilltop Community Resources in Grand Junction has received the Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award from the American Psychological Association.

The award recognizes companies and organizations that make a commitment to programs and policies that foster employee health and well-being while also enhancing performance. Winners are selected on the basis of anonymous employee surveys and interviews with senior managers, human resources staff and other employees.

“In this time of high job stress and increasing demands on  employees, these exemplary work places have made it a priority to create environments that are sensitive to the health and well-being of their workers,” said Cindy Wang Morris, Colorado representative of the Psychology in the Workplace Network for the Colorado Psychological Association.

At Hilltop, the latest results of an employee survey found that 100 percent of those who responded consider the work of the organization “important and makes a difference,” while 97 percent said they were “proud” to work there. Meanwhile, Hilltop has realized a 40 percent reduction in health care costs since 2010 by assuring individuals and families receive the human services they need.