Home Loan distributed workers’ compensation dividends

Jamie Hamilton
Jamie Hamilton

Home Loan Insurance in Grand Junction has distributed a total of nearly $500,000 in workers’ compensation dividend checks to Western Colorado companies that have maintained safe workplaces.

The checks come from Pinnacol Assurance, a Colorado workers’ compensation insurance provider with which Home Loan Insurance partners. Pinnacol pays a portion of its surplus to policyholders that earn it through their commitment to workplace safety and claims management. Dividend checks are based on the premium size and performance of policyholders. The 2016 dividends average $571.

“We have enjoyed an extremely successful partnership with Pinnacol for over 25 years. Their dedication to improving the workplace safety and wellness of our clients has led to thousands  of saved dollars for many companies on the Western Slope,” said Jamie Hamilton, chief executive officer of Home Loan Insurance.

In addition to offering workers’ compensation insurance, Home Loan also conducts safety improvement seminars for clients throughout the year.

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