HUD homes available in Mesa County

What’s a HUD home? HUD is an acronym for the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which obtains homes through foreclosure when the mortgages were insured by the Federal Housing Administration.

As of this writing, 10 HUD homes are available in Mesa County, but that number changes almost daily. To see what’s available, visit the Web site at Keep in mind HUD properties can only be seen in the presence of a licensed real estate broker.

Purchasers must agree to inhabit a HUD home as a primary residence to place a bid during the first 15 days of the property being placed for sale. After 15 days, non-owner occupants also are allowed to bid.

Financing is available for nearly all HUD properties. The FHA also offers two loan programs to finance repairs on HUD properties:  the 203B loan if repairs are $5,000 or less and the 203K loan when the cost of repairs tops $5,000.00. Preapproval of financing or proof that cash is available to complete the transaction on behalf of the buyer is required.

Ben Hill, owner of Hill & Homes in Grand Junction, submitted this article. For more information, call 250-5002 or visit the Web site at