Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

Special to The Business Times from St. Mary’s


Hyperbaric chambers are not just the stuff of deep-sea diving. At St. Mary’s pressurized hyperbaric oxygen chambers deliver 100 percent oxygen to patients to help difficult wounds heal. The hospital provides outpatient, nonemergency hyperbaric oxygen therapy primarily to patients with wounds that have not responded to conventional treatment and those with tissue damaged by radiation during cancer treatment who are experiencing healing problems or planning surgery.

            Hyperbaric oxygen therapy often involves daily treatments for three or more weeks. Before St. Mary’s acquired its two oxygen chambers, patients had to travel to Denver or Salt Lake City for treatment. Because that can be a lot of expense and time away from home, work and family, patients sometimes decided to go without treatment, literally jeopardizing life and limb. St. Mary’s hyperbaric oxygen therapy provides maximum healing with minimal disruption.