If division is success, we have one of the most successful governors

Craig Hall

It’s funny and sad. Because if you asked most people how they’d feel about one person having total control over their lives, they’d be against it. Yet, here we are in Colorado choosing sides because of one man. 

Although we’re told Gov. Jared Polis is doing the best he can in a difficult situation and for the good of all people, his actions come down to a simple, time-honored, political tradition: Shoving one’s political agenda and beliefs down the throats of the citizens. And no one can do this better than a Democrat who’s assumed total power. For that, I also blame Republicans equally for enacting legislation that’s allowed Polis to become dictator-in-chief of our once great state.

I know some will call the dictator comment hyperbole. But what else would you call someone who’s making rules, mandates and laws regarding every aspect of our lives? And he’s not even masking his intentions any longer.

Let’s start with masks, shall we? Some of this goes above and beyond our governor. But in terms of a state mandate, it’s all on him. According to the reasoning of our governor, he had a model (although I haven’t seen it, have you?) showing our ICUs being overrun by September if we didn’t slow the spread of COVID-19 via mask wearing. Let me remind you the governor also had a model showing 500 or more Coloradans dying daily with a total of 35,000 or more dead by mid-June back sometime in May, yet masks weren’t mandatory then. Wouldn’t that model give the governor a reason to mandate masks? Yet he didn’t.

Perhaps it was because back then the word on masks was they didn’t work. And that was from the Centers for Disease Control. Let’s look at that more closely. The fact is, if Polis believed masks worked then — and he was wearing one, even for his tete-a-tete with Trump — what he did was put Coloradans’ lives in jeopardy. And he did it over a lie. Here’s the lie. The CDC, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Deborah Birx and the brain trust of the COVID task force put the lives of every American at risk (to be blunt) by saying masks were unnecessary and don’t slow the spread. Why were they saying that? It was found later the real reason was because we had a mask shortage for front line personnel. Therefore getting them masks — and masks for special, select, all-knowing leaders — was more important than saving lives. There can be no other conclusion. The evidence speaks for itself.

And yet we fight over masks today from an unconstitutional edict from our leader who just a couple of months ago didn’t care if you lived or died, just as long as he and more important people were safe and had their masks. Hey folks … wear your masks. Just don’t demand I wear mine as demanded via social shaming ordered by our governor.

For the record, if a business demands a mask and I want to go there, of course I’ll wear my mask. The business has every right to make demands of who it will or will not serve. That’s a constitutional thing, not a dictatorial thing. And full disclosure, I’ll never bow to the dictator. And that does not make me a selfish bastard.

I should throw in one last thing on how our governor is making decisions based on his “models.” No model has ever been correct in its predictions. It’s just a useful scare tactic to push agendas. And our governor’s agenda is to divide the people, rule over the people and win the next election before running for president. You know, the kind of stuff people are afraid about in our current president. And Polis always has a model handy backing his beliefs to push his playbook.

To understand Polis’ playbook a little better, all one needs to do is visit downtown Denver around the Capitol. It’s right up there with Minneapolis. But we have Denver-a-Polis with its boarded up, tagged and destroyed public and private buildings, a tent city on the Capitol grounds and civil rights for only those who further our governor’s ambitions.

The first job of any elected official is to uphold the Constitution of the United States against all enemies and protect the rights and property of citizens. Our Capitol and the ongoing events around it show Polis (and the Denver mayor) care little for the rights of anyone who thinks differently. The grounds are destroyed more and more on a daily basis, and the encampments now have disease outbreaks (no, NOT COVID, amazingly) rarely seen. And recently,  a peaceful, properly permitted assembly was violently attacked by the same folks who’ve been destroying Denver with the bye and leave of our governor. Just as our leaders allowed Denver to be destroyed, they sat back and allowed civil, innocent, law-abiding citizens to be assaulted with no intention of protecting them even though police were present.

Does any of this sound like Gov. Polis is a uniter when he has continually put the lives of Coloradans in danger? Because the only folks I see our governor uniting are those he can use to further his political ambitions. Eventually, none of us will matter.

Craig Hall is owner and publisher of the Business Times. Reach him at 424-5133 or publisher@thebusinesstimes.