If government calls it good news, then it’s bad news for you and me

Craig Hall

Every day we hear story after story about what our all-caring government at all levels does for people. The biggest perception problem is we’ve had an everyday, good-news kind of story (along with end-times stories) for more than a year since the “15 days to slow the spread” that oddly never garnered one good news story about the spread slowing.

Then again, if one understands basic virus lifespans, you weren’t expecting good news because the 15 days weren’t going to do squat. As I’ve said repeatedly: Viruses arrive, viruses spread, viruses peak, viruses decline and we live with variants of them forever. It’s just some are worse than others. 

That’s where our first good news from government comes into play. Government payouts for COVID-19 cases and deaths. The good news for hospitals was government was going to cover the costs of dealing with a pandemic. Yet, all one needs to know is we’ve never financed a pandemic or outbreak via the taxpayers in history, so it’s bad news. Especially since every hospital admission and recorded death was identified as COVID for the money, much of the initial claims being done by observation of symptoms. Given COVID has a ton of symptoms, including no symptoms at all, it was easy money. 

Second good news, we came up with a test for COVID to identify cases and fight the outbreak. Problem, if you spun the test enough, it’s auto-positive. Reasons? See above. Worse, the infection rate blew up and they shuttered the country and mandated all kinds of craziness. So all the bureaucrats with jobs and places of employment sat and watched jobs and business go away — with pay.

Next positive: the flu is dead. Somehow this is proof masks and social distancing work. Yet, it didn’t with COVID. But what better way to extend tyrannical rule over people? Logic would dictate masks don’t work given COVID numbers increased following a very predictable curve WITH masks and distancing. Who takes scientific data from a 10th grader’s paper posited by her dad who owns a statistics company? Government, if it means control. Oh, and big box stores. 

Then there’s the $600-a-week unemployment bonus (with many states still giving $300 after this expired) for folks who lost their jobs due to mandated shutdowns. This act of government benevolence has put even more folks out of business who couldn’t find anyone to hire because it’s more beneficial not to work. Who the hell thinks like this? Must be the same government who now says it’ll pay you $1,600 to get off unemployment and go back to work. Fixing a “do-gooder” program that wastes money by adding another program that wastes more money is insanity. Then again? Government. I wonder what idiocy it will come up with after the folks go back to work and quit after their two $800 installments hit the bank? 

Of course, there are the once-a-year bank account bonuses that replaced maybe 1/20th of someone’s income and takes months to debate the amount of crumbs from the Antionette cake we’ll be allowed. There’s now a $300 per month per kid for special households (of course, if that kid isn’t on one’s taxes due to divorce, you get nada). And let’s not forget $2.5 TRILLION in infrastructure spending on the horizon which won’t be spent on infrastructure and will be used as political payoffs to special interests. Because that’s what government spends on. Special interests, cronies and benefactors. Your $25 donation doesn’t cut it. 

The only effect this tax money has for you and me isn’t good news. Because we’re the ones who’re going to pay for it. As of today — before we get hit with another $4 TRILLION in added spending this year alone — the debt in the United States is roughly $85,000 per PERSON and $225,000 per HOUSEHOLD. The worse news: 50 percent of the people in this country don’t pay taxes. And every single item mentioned in this column is adding on to to those of us who do. BIGLY. 

So when you hear the next story about how our all-caring government provides free this or that to help defeat “the virus” — the latest being free vaccine after free vaccine, now for the entire planet — just keep the ticker ticking on your tax paying-household or individual tax debt. And then look at all the things government has done to decrease tax collections by shuttering the economy while claiming business aren’t paying their “fair share,” making it impossible to pay for government programs like Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid (which are broke already) because no one is working and paying those taxes and counties bragging about higher tax receipts from online buying while area businesses close left and right. My plea is please, please, please note: This is horrible news. Period. 

This all could have been avoided. As stated before as viruses do, we’d be in the same (predictable) position — arguably better in terms of deaths and infections, especially given how the numbers were tallied — if the government would have suggested health protocols and not done one damned thing listed in this column. 

Yet more is planned. And it’s all bad news.