If you have to believe, believe you know what you know

Craig Hall

Some call it common sense, although you’d be hard-pressed in today’s world to find it very common or sensible. COVID-19 has been the elixir snake oil barkers have sought to destroy individual freedom in their lust to rule over the masses.

One idea has made this country great: the idea every person has the same inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I dare you to try to apply that to our country today.

Here are a couple of places I’m using my common sense.

My common sense look at the presidential election is simple: Democrats cheated. I say this because most politicians spend their time finding ways to get their way, retain power and get rich. Period. It only makes sense to see underhanded and illegal tactics used to obtain the highest office in the land.

But 2020 is worse. COVID-19 has made being in a position of power the ultimate in getting your way of lording over those you believe are beneath you. For the first time in our nation’s history, they’ve come up with an emergency that’s stopped the United States of America in its tracks. Global warming couldn’t do it. Terrorism couldn’t do it. And neither could any of the pandemic predecessors.

Look, there’s simply no way a man who never left his basement or drew any sort of small gathering could garner 19 million more votes than the previous Democrat presidential candidate. There’s also no way there isn’t something diabolical about key battleground states stopping vote counts in the middle of the night as President Donald Trump was winning them handily before having us all wake up to Democrat stronghold areas switching their previous day-long trajectories into statistical impossibilities and giving Joe Biden an uncatchable lead.

Something’s wrong here. It’s reinforced by Democrats who suddenly shun investigations and pontificate there’s no such thing as voter fraud.

Closer to home, we endure the tyranny of an out-of-control governor denying freedom left and right. I already knew what Jared Polis was going to do once COVID-19 took over our lives: He was going to take over our lives. No matter how many times he tells us he doesn’t want to do these things, but has to protect us and save lives, he’s doing it because he can.

Just as our local leaders have done in protecting us. It seems some have over-enjoyed the power of saying, “You can do this, but you can’t do that.” They’ve hidden under the umbrella of following the governor’s orders, but that train has left the station. Hence the problems with the 5-Star Variance Protection Program.

My common sense kicked in the moment the program was announced. My gut told me there should be no difference in standards for any business to open — well, first off, my gut said no one should be forced to close — and certainly, no one with a conflict should be involved in those decisions. The variance, albeit it with its good intentions, has several such groups behind it. There should always be a big separation between people making rules and people enforcing the rules. We should never have the same people creating, changing, enforcing, approving or publicizing those rules.

More troubling for businesses and citizens, the variance was counterintuitive to the inevitable decision of the governor another shutdown is mandatory. The creators of the variance and our leaders had to know this as well. Now the variance affords the only way a business can survive with a mandated county shutdown. Polis knew our leaders would fight a second shutdown, so he gave them this small victory once again. But believe me, he’s working on a way to take that back as I type. So now everyone wants — actually desperately needs — a variance rating. From what I hear, it no longer takes an inspection and special standards upheld to receive a variance, but rather a phone call will suffice.

Always remember when a politician or leader says they’re ‘fighting for you” know this: it’s the opposite. So when we hear the local variance is about you and your businesses and freedom, something in your common sense should kick in. A power-lusting governor will do the only thing with a “right” he’s granted: take it back. Which is just what Polis did. He knew we’d shut up and leave him alone until the next shutdown. Which is what our leaders did. Well, it’s the next shutdown. And Polis and our leaders have control. One is suddenly granting variances left and right and the other will shut us down again as sure as this is in print. In truth, they are each other’s lifeblood.

Your common sense should have told you something was wrong the minute someone said they were going to take away your rights to protect you or how conforming to their new rules would be the only way to participate in their “new normal” version of society.

Thanksgiving Day marks my 59th trip around the sun, and here’s something I know: Your rights are your rights and they’re inalienable. They can’t be taken by someone else for your own good —only evil. Trust your gut. Live free.