I’m 90 percent sure people are 100 percent fed up — or is it the other way around?

Craig Hall

Lies, damned lies and statistics.

We’ve all heard the phrase. Because it’s what we’re being governed by today in one form or another. And the abuse of statistics rears its ugly head under the guise of such words as “study,” “model” or “mostly peaceful.”

How are statistics abused? Let’s take these one by one. How about the old adage “studies show” yada, yada, yada. This wording is used to sell you products that haven’t been proven to look like they’ve been proven, especially if they’re “independent studies.” Independent studies carry much more weight. But they really don’t and here’s why. Most studies are initiated to come up with the desired result of those who fund them.  In the case of products, it’s the manufacturer. In the case of university research, studies almost 100 percent of the time come to the conclusion of whoever is funding the university. It’s how we ended up with global warming as a thing when all it is is weather.

And, of course, studies work the other way as well. In the case of COVID-19 and hydroxychloroquine (HCQ), there were more than 50 studies where the vast majority showed positive results for patients using HCQ (along with other drug mixes as well) in the treatment and recovery from COVID-19. But what studies did the public hear about? The few that showed HCQ didn’t help patients or found a side effect never associated before with a drug in use for more than 60 years.

So why did we hear about only certain studies? Because people in positions of power only wanted certain results. In the case of COVID-19, it’s frightening. The truth is the drug does help and many studies show that. The other truth I doubt most know even today is of the four studies showing HCQ didn’t help or had side effects was withdrawn, a second study with the same faulty conclusions on heart problems should be withdrawn and two studies showing HCQ didn’t help were conducted on people with late stage COVID-19 where no amount or mix of any drug would help. And yes, there’s a study of all of those studies confirming what I just wrote. It’s just those results aren’t reported in the mainstream media.

Then again, it’s because the same folks who ignore the positive HCQ results are governing (well, ruling) based on “models.” It’s how we got here on COVID-19. The original models showed upwards of 2 million Americans dying from a pandemic. This model came from the same person whose model showed 500,000 Englishmen would die from COVID-19. Worse, these models came from an English professor whose models have a history of being wrong and had to resign.

What have those models done? They’ve created draconian measures the likes of which we could have never imagined and might never recover from. We  went from “15 days to slow the spread” to almost the entire economy shut down, forced mask wearing and freedoms lost to never-ending executive orders while destroying the lives of hundreds of millions of Americans. All because of a model.

To this day, governors and mayors and health agencies are using models (and won’t tell us which ones) to keep things shut down, under their control and people accepting whatever the government mandates. People do this despite models that show 99.5 percent plus of us will never have any effects from COVID-19.

The last point is using statistics to say what’s going on in our cities is “mostly peaceful.” First and foremost, I really want to see that study, although I know it doesn’t exist. It’s a made-up-of-whole-cloth talking point. Just like I could fashion a study saying 90 percent of those protesting approve of the rioting by using their numbers the opposite way. By the way, the “mostly peaceful” numbers are coming from folks stating with certainty 100 percent of us are systemic racists.

Put it this way. If a million people are protesting, they tell us 100,000 are rioting. That’s not a small number, that’s an army. Worse, it’s a well-organized and well-funded army. Put it another way, if 10 percent of Christians wanted to begin the Spanish Inquisition II, it would mean 250 million Christians in the persecution ranks while the other 2.25 BILLION were ”mostly peaceful.”

Would you stand for that? Neither would I.

So how do I get my “statistics?” I go beyond what the mainstream media and any government figure tells me. And that should be everyone’s first rule of statistics. There are plenty of good folks out there doing real, unbiased research. You just  can’t find it on Facebook and social media. Then the next thing I do is apply the research to individual freedom, along with using my knowledge and experience in life. Then I believe my own eyes for what I see is going on, how I’m living and what I’ve done to tell me how I should live (which needs constant adjusting).

Believe me, I could find studies loaded with models to statistically excuse 90 percent plus of my misgivings and mistakes over the decades. But my conscience would tell me different.

Isn’t that what yours is telling you about how you’re being ruled now?

Craig Hall is owner and publisher of the Business Times. Reach him at 424-5133 or publisher@thebusinesstimes.