Internship confirms real estate a good career

Sonia Guitterez
Sonia Guitterez

When I met a commercial real estate agent earlier this year, I had no idea at the time the difference that informal conversation would have on my career. I’ve since joined in an internship program and hope to work in commercial real estate myself.

It all started wen I met Dale Beede, a broker with Coldwell Banker Commercial Prime Properties in Grand Junction. My father, Jesus Gutierrez, needed a commercial agent to lease vacant space in his building. Mr. Beede came to the building to meet with my father, and I was lucky enough to be present. We chatted for a several minutes as Mr. Beede collected the information necessary to list the building. The very next day he came back with signs to put up, and I was fortunate enough to be present. I starting talking to Mr. Beede  about several different topics, including commercial real estate. He asked me a question: “Have you ever thought about being a commercial real estate agent?” I told him at the time I hadn’t. He replied, “Well, if you ever do, give me a call.”

The questioned lingered in my mind for several weeks as I wondered about what it would be like to work in commercial real estate and whether or not I could succeed. I decided to call to find out more.

A week after our phone conversation, I went to Coldwell Banker to meet with Mr. Beede. He explained some of the different aspects of working as a commercial real estate agent. It sounded pretty scary, but at the same time rewarding and exciting.  He told me Coldwell Banker was starting a new internship program and that if I was interested, I could interview with Todd Conklin, owner of the firm. That would give me an opportunity to determine if the profession might offer a good fit. I met with Mr. Conklin and was hired as the first intern for the program.

I’ve since enjoyed hands-on experiences in assisting agents with their duties, including everything from accounting to administration to property management. I’ve gained a feel for what the business is about and discovered the profession is by no means easy. Challenges arise on a daily basis because every transaction and every person involved is unique.

I have been at Coldwell since June and am now taking classes to become a real estate agent. I love the profession and this office. I love working with the people at Coldwell, who now feel like family.

So is commercial real estate in my future? Absolutely. The internship program helped me determine this is the right career for me, and I’m grateful for the opportunity.