Inventive couple seeks funding for new venture

A Grand Junction couple has created an extendable rail system for storing cookware, cleaning equipment and tools. (Photo courtesy Glideware)

An inventive Grand Junction couple has launched an Internet campaign to raise funding for a venture offering a new system for organizing everything from cookware to tools.

Dave and Jenny Hall expect their campaign on Kickstarter to run through Sept. 15. They hope to raise $30,000 to cover the cost of manufacturing setup for a product they’ve branded Glideware.

Glideware consists of an extendable rail system that installs inside cabinets, closets and other locations. Adjustable and removable hooks offer a way to hang cookware, clothing, cleaning equipment and tools.

Dave Hall, a construction manager, and Jenny Hall, a real estate agent, developed the system to make it easier to access cookware from what were cluttered kitchen cabinets.

Glideware offers other benefits, the Halls said, in preventing dings and scratches and extending the life of cookware and increasing cabinet storage capacity. The systems also can be used to better organize closets, garages and shops, they said.

Kickstarter offers an online venue in which people present their ideas to the public. People who like the project offer money and are usually named financial supporters or receive gifts. Only projects that  reach their funding goals receive the money. The creators of the projects retain full rights to their inventions.

Since the Kickstarter website was launched in 2009, more than 4.6 million people have pledged a total of $743 million in funding more than 46,000 projects.

“Glideware’s simple solution to a very common household problem makes it perfect for Kickstarter,” Dave Hall said. “Once people see how Glideware works and how simple the technology is, we’re sure they’ll want to be a part of getting it to market.”

The first 100 people who contribute $125 or more on Kickstarter will be the first to receive a Glideware system, the Halls said. That offers a discount over the projected retail price of $175.

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