Inventive entrepreneur launches tackle venture

Brayden Kelley
Brayden Kelley

Brayden Kelley, a 14-year-old entrepreneur who developed a canvas pouch to hold fishing gear, has launched Practical Tackle to sell his product.

Kelley plans to sell his product at upcoming events, including a new member showcase at the Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce as well as the Fruita Fall Festival.

The product also is available for purchase online from the website at

Practical Tackle offers a tackle box for the on-the-go angler in a waterproof canvas pouch that includes outside and inside pockets to store hooks, lures, weights and other gear. Velcro straps are available to attach the pouch to the handle of a fishing pole. A carabiner also can be used to hang the pouch from a belt loop.

Kelley developed his tackle box last year while participating in the Young Entrepreneurs Academy in Grand Junction. He won a local competition for participants in pitching his idea to a panel of investors in process similar to the “Shark Tank” television show.