Investment information at your fingertips

Bob Kretschman, Mesa County Libraries: 

Accurate and current information is crucial to the success of any investment strategy. Mesa County Libraries can serve as a one-stop shop for much of the important information that individual investors need to make the best decisions about their finances.

With your Mesa County Libraries card and access to a computer, you can visit the library’s home page at and search the catalog for books about investing. You can search for specific titles, authors, or topics. And you’ll find books that fit your description available from many libraries throughout Colorado. Alternatively, visit any library branch, and staff members can help you find the information you’re seeking.

Mesa County Libraries subscribes to a wide variety of business-oriented publications that can be useful to investors, including the Wall Street Journal, Investor’s Business Daily, Bloomberg Business Week, Forbes, Money, and The Economist.

With your library card, you have online access to several resources that are priceless for investors who want to learn more about the companies they’re investing in. Morningstar and Value Line are investment research services that analyze the financial data and operations of publicly traded companies and present an industry-wide perspective of those companies. With such information, prospective investors can better evaluate companies’ performance.

Mesa County Libraries also offers online access to the Regional Business News database, which lets you search for specific topics in more than 80 regional business publications within the United States.

To access the online resources via computer from either your home or a public computer station in the library, all you need is a Mesa County Libraries card.

To find Morningstar, Value Line, and the Regional Business News database, visit Under the “Research” tab on the home page, click “Databases A to Z.” On the resulting page, scroll through the “Premium Resources” list until you find the resource you’re looking for, and click on it.

For more information about Mesa County Libraries, call 970-243-4442.