Is it how busy I am, or how busy everything else is?

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

I’ve gone from personal deadlines of a trip to Michigan, a golf scramble fund-raiser for my daughter’s Express All Stars group to getting my house and things ready to host a dozen people for a fantasy football draft.

(I know how silly it sounds, but people with kiddos understand). And now I’m getting things put together to take the girls to Denver for my oldest daughter’s first dance competition of the season in two weeks.

Am I complaining? Gee, I hope not. I’m just laying out what happens being a single dad with stuff happening all the time. I’d like to say there’s a break coming up, but I know better. Then again, when it comes to doing stuff with my girls, growing my business and being active, I shouldn’t ever desire one. But there’s a ton of other things I’d love a permanent break from. Sadly, that’s not on the horizon either.

So maybe that’s taking me to what my real problem is with writing right now: There’s too much going on in the world to even attempt to focus on a topic. Frankly, I’m sick and tired of most of it, and that’s simply not a good place for a columnist to be. To have all that fodder ripe for the picking and no desire to address it really isn’t what most folks expect of me, but perhaps it’s time they do.

The fact is I don’t want to write about what’s going on in Ferguson, Mo. I have strong opinions about what’s happened, what’s occurring and what will be the result. But those matter little to people making hay out of a horrific situation. No one on either side has any desire to know what I think, let alone a desire to even hear me out for a differing point of view.

I would love to talk about our absentee-in-chief and his continued assault on our country and those that disagree with him. But I’m like everyone with an opposing point of view who puts it into the public forum, powerless to change the president’s mind while risking the wrath and attention of sycophants, government agencies and drones everywhere.

I could write about the ridiculous inconsistencies of our governor and state representatives on both sides, but I doubt that will stop the rhetoric they use to stay in power while advancing their own versions of crony capitalism. Frankly, we’ve lost the connection to the state level every bit as much as we’ve lost it federally.

I could write about our local Republican elected spendthrifts who all of the sudden believe funding their local boondoggles is imperative to our economic growth, only after telling us they were boondoggles to be de-funded to get elected. Apparently, crony capitalism knows no boundaries, federally, state-wise or locally.

Finally, I could also write about our local group of patriots who keep telling conservatives who don’t think as they require they’re stupid and clueless. You know, the same group of people who said there was only one qualified candidate for sheriff, only to toss him aside after losing to now tell us that there’s only one candidate for sheriff — all after they celebrated the downfall of the frontrunner. But why? I’m going to pretty much ignore everything they have to say as they will do to anything I have to say.

So I guess that’s my problem. For any number of reasons I feel as though that while I have a venue in which to voice my opinions twice a month, the truth is in the fact that I really don’t have a voice to the folks who are in charge or the folks who have the ear and control the pocketbook of those who are in charge.

And that’s what we’ve become as a nation, I’m afraid. And that is where the angst of this country truly simmers, be it in Ferguson, Grand Junction or where you live today. But it’s not for the reasons you might think. The reasons all too many use to cause dissension, racial chasms and violence. It is not because the government isn’t doing enough. It’s precisely the opposite.

It’s because the government has both tried to do too much while overpromising and under-delivering in solving the unique problems of every individual in America today, legal or otherwise. It’s because government simply cannot. But it’s also deeper than that, and the underlying theme might surprise you.

What’s wrong in this country is the understanding of the desire for freedom inside every person who has the unique privilege to be an American, whether related to the Pilgrims, the founders, third generation or newly arrived. The fact is the uniqueness of America is one thing: individual freedom. It’s why the country has succeeded so immensely since its founding and the reason most of the folks crossing our borders come here: Freedom to enjoy the fruits of one’s labor and think as we choose so long as we don’t violate the rights of others.

And anyone who makes a law, forces you to think or vote a certain way to be part of a group or uses your taxes for purposes you disagree with is doing one thing: Taking your freedom away little by little.

That’s what I am truly sick and tired of.