It’s time to stop procrastinating and make time to get fit

Procrastination. It’s a term with which I’m all too familiar. Take this column, for example: I’m a day past my deadline. I’ve had weeks to prepare, but here I am again  writing at the last minute.

I’m not alone in this syndrome of self-inflicted worry. Although there are many areas of life one can “put off,” the one area that stands out in my mind as a neon sign is procrastination when it comes to health and fitness.

Thanks to the overwhelming tradition of new year’s resolutions, Jan. 1 of every year becomes that day that we have put off. This is the day we all get a fresh start. Everyone wants to reach their goals … everyone. So why do we wait until a new year rolls around in hopes this will be the year we change our lives for the better?

Start with the obvious: why people start a fitness program. Health issues dominate the top of the charts. So many times I hear someone say their doctor told them it was necessary. For others, it may be an important event like a wedding. Still others just decided it was important for them.

Maybe you don’t fall into those categories. Then what?

There are reasons why people put off starting a fitness program. One main reason is that it’s not a quick, one-day task. Starting a fitness program is starting a healthy lifestyle. It’s ongoing. It’s for life. That’s pretty intimidating for most people, especially someone who’s just beginning.

So what’s the first step? Start thinking about it. Ask yourself these questions: Why am I considering a fitness program?  What is my life lacking without it? What are my goals?

After you’ve answered these questions, then comes the hardest one. It’s the question most people would rather not answer.  That question is this: Why haven’t I done this?

We all know the benefits of exercise and that it’s important to every one of us. Try telling yourself that it can’t wait another day, another month or another year.  Feeling better and taking care of your body needs to be the reason you stop procrastinating. If you’re really ready to do it for yourself, you will.

Barring all all the usual excuses — you don’t know how to exercise, you need to become fit before you go to a gym or that you don’t have time — just take the first step and start!

I’ve learned to put my workout before many of my other daily tasks so I feel better and can accomplish more things.
I don’t know why I procrastinated writing this column instead of just doing it. I will start thinking about my next column … tomorrow.