It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world — and I hope for the same ending

Craig Hall

If you recall the movie, it’s about a bunch of idiotic characters chasing after stolen money buried under a “W” somewhere along the California coast.

I mistakenly identify that “W” with the Wai’alae Country Club signature golf hole, which has the W behind the green as one approaches and looks through the W into the Pacific. Truth told, it was actually the backyard of a private estate in Southern California.

None of that matters except for this: The characters in the movie remind me of the primary process for the Democratic presidential nominee.

Let’s all agree: Every politician is in a mad, mad, mad, mad race to get their hands on stolen taxpayer cash. It’s the main reason they set policies and make laws for the good of the people. You might argue the meaning of the word “stolen.” But let’s face it, at the very least the government over-confiscates. Need proof? If one stops accepting the term “tax refund,” it’s more than obvious and the latest insult of a “property tax credit” in lieu of actually doing the “tax refund” for over-confiscation right here in River City by our county commissioners. Tax dollars are always taken, never voluntarily handed over. And it’s all at the barrel of a gun.

Back to Democrats and my movie analogy. While I don’t have time to do one-on-one comparisons between politicians and actors, I’ll say this: I’ve never seen a bigger cast of idiotic characters in a script than the group participating in the Democratic Party’s nomination process for president of the United States. Oh, and the Democrat version of the movie is anything but a comedy.

Where do begin? How about Bernie Sanders. The man is an avowed communist, period. He seeks to rule and tell everyone how to live. He says he hates the “1 percenters” even though he is one — created on stolen tax dollars at that. He seeks to enforce “democrat socialism” (read communism) on the people of the United States by dictatorship and isn’t even a member of the Democratic Party. And even though he’s an old, white male, he LEADS in the polls.

Next up is the cultural appropriation leader in the clubhouse, Elizabeth Warren. She’s basically Bernie in a…..not sure how I can say this, because no matter what I say, liberals will accuse me of using the wrong wording. So basically, she’s Bernie while being Elizabeth. Worse, she’s been caught in several lies from before the campaign even started. But lies don’t matter as long as you promise Democrat voters what they want.

We also have Warren’s partner in gender crime, Amy Klobachar, who’s basically known for being unknown so someone can say, “See, we do have a moderate in the field.” She’s moderate for one reason: No one knows her radical, liberal intentions because no one knows who she is. Worse, she’s literally the Michael Bennett left in the race — someone likely to do whatever Democrats tell her to do because she’s incapable of original thought. Except Michael Bennet is still in the race. Maybe?

Then we have Mayor Pete and his “war record” of being a file clerk or something. He ran a town that’s an absolute mess using stolen taxpayer monies, so naturally, he’s a perfect fit to be a Democrat president. He also hides behind his Bible more than a televangelist traveling in a private jet to his estate. He checks a lot of liberal boxes for diversity, but I’m more worried about his policies. He should note people have learned electing a president based on box checking is a mistake.

How about crazy ol’ Uncle Joe? The other old, white, 1 percenter who at one time was the “only person on the planet who could defeat Trump.” Now he’s the only Democrat on the stage who can’t complete a talking point sentence using words from the English language. He insults people during interviews and town halls and can’t even bring himself to run on his record as vice president. Barack Obama won’t even endorse him. That said, Joe’s the top expert on getting rich using our stolen money, and yes, there’s tons of proof. He is by far the worst character in the bunch.

That is, until the most un-Democrat- like candidate bought his way into the race in Michael Bloomberg. Democrats hate billionaires. He’s one. Democrats hate people who buy their way in. That’s him. Democrats claim to be diverse and accepting. He seems to hate or insult everyone. Democrats are sick of old, white guys in charge. He’s both. But what makes him different? He’s buying his way into the Democrat nomination with his own money. And Democrats don’t care who wins as long as they beat President Donald Trump.

Just like in the movie, everyone who exits the race ends up griping about the other candidates. It’s sure to happen again when Bloomberg buys his way to the nomination. It takes a billionaire to topple the commie front-runner.

And any Democrat who votes for this insanity is certainly playing a role. It’s just not the kind of role that deserves any reward come November.

Craig Hall is owner and publisher of the Business Times. Reach him at 424-5133 or publisher@thebusinesstimes.