It’s the most dangerous time of the year …

Craig Hall

I bet you sang that, because I was. Although truth be told, I’m still singing the Andy Williams version because I enjoy the old days and wonderful memories they brought when things actually were wonderful this time of year.

So you must be thinking: What’s the most dangerous time of year in Colorado? I could mean we’re into the tough travel times in getting to Denver with snow in the mountains and that leads to hazardous driving and, in the news more lately, avalanches. And then, of course, too much snowpack can lead to flooding in spring. Speaking of flooding, there’s always monsoon season and the risk of flash floods. When, that is, we aren’t in a drought and everything is dying and people are using too much of the main thing we need to live: water. That’s not to mention the dangers of wildfires and the destruction they cause. And it’s all because of global warming.
Or is it cooling? Or climate change?

Well, the cause doesn’t matter about any of the above. Nor am I minimizing the dangers of the above times of the year — except the fallacy and control-driven politics of climate change. Ironically, the word politics brings us to the most dangerous time of year in Colorado: when the Legislature is in session. Even more so when our state government is controlled by Democrats.

What was it Gideon Tucker wrote? “No man’s life, liberty or property are safe while the Legislature is in session.” And as we learned last year in Colorado, it’s even worse with our Little Napoleon in charge in Denver along with his Democrat generals carrying out orders — all in the name of “helping us.” The fact is, they make us do things via our taxes we’d never do given the freedom to fix or do things our way.

Take an example from above related to snow in the high country. As I see it, the government has two jobs: clear the snow or close the roads if they’re impassable. Period. But no, our politicians needed more because the state doing its job doesn’t exert enough control of the masses. So what did we get? Traction laws. So now when it snows, some fat cat bureaucrat decides just who does or doesn’t get to drive, all enforced by cops on their radios, cell phones and working their computers while on patrol.

But Craig, it saves lives. Horse pucky. Here’s how you save lives when it’s snowing anywhere, not just in the high country: slow down and drive safe. I can’t tell you how many times some rectal chapeau in a “four-wheel drive” vehicle has gone flying by me in snowy conditions only to see them in the median or an accident a mile or so up the road. Yes, even in the mountainous state of Michigan where I lived before moving here.

But now — and I can’t blame this all on Democrats — we have the state telling us when we can or can’t drive based on the car we can afford, no matter how important our need to get to Denver.

So what’s next, you ask, from the mass minions who brought us all-day kindergarten, oil and gas “reform” and unconstitutional red flag laws? Well, let’s face it, almost everything they pass is unconstitutional — or, more important, just plain wrong as it relates to “fighting for me” or “representing the hardworking people of Colorado.” But that’s fodder for another column (or book) on another day. Here’s but a glimpse of what’s on tap for the “do-gooders” who should have been recalled along with every letter of liberal laced lunacy legislation previously passed immediately rescinded.

First up is the idiocy of “family leave.” This special piece of insanity allows employees to tell employers when and if they’ll show up to work. The law would “require” companies to pay for people not working. The debate isn’t about doing it, it’s about finding a way for workers not to pay for it. In the old days, the workers paid for not working hard or showing up as well, but that’s because they got fired.

How about mandatory vaccines?
I can go into the arguments of how you being vaccinated shouldn’t worry about being infected by someone who isn’t, but I’ll give you a better reason. The government should never be allowed to make anything mandatory. Then again, we didn’t have Democrats when we wrote the Constitution. Then again, we don’t have “outbreaks” anymore, either.

There will be more legislation to address things like our government reducing the cost of health care, new taxes, rent control, free preschool, climate change and the annual calls for education and pension funding along with liberal desire after desire. And they’ll only address two things: loss of freedom and more government control.

As Will Rogers famously said: “Never blame a legislative body for not doing something. When they do nothing, that don’t hurt anybody. When they do something is when they become dangerous.”

Hey folks, I’ve been fired for not working hard, had the mumps and measles and even wiped out my car in the snow. But not once did I need government to help me with any of it. Republicans should take note when they regain control.

Craig Hall is owner and publisher of the Business Times. Reach him at 424-5133 or