I’ve got news for you … we’re already over the cliff

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

And I’m talking about a “Thelma and Louise” style landing in our future.

You all remember the final scene from that movie, don’t you? I can’t recall the exact reason or line that made Thelma and Louse drive over the cliff, but I do know the two had hit the point where their behavior had messed things up so badly the only choice left was to hit the gas. What’s odd was that Thelma and Louise seemed to get a perverse pleasure from the entire situation, both in the activities leading up to and the specific action causing their demise.

So perhaps you’re wondering just who in our government I will say is Thelma. Who is Louise? And who’s the Brad Pitt character? I’ll give you my answer: It doesn’t matter. Just like the movie, they’re a bunch of screwed up characters engaged in unlawful activities and headed for a very predictable disaster.

Yes, I just called the folks in Washington a bunch of criminals and here’s why. I’ve read the Constitution a few times. I urge you to take the time to do so as well. You see, the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. While that’s important in and of itself, it’s more important to note that it is the supreme law in terms of limiting what the government is allowed to do.

Now, tell me: Is there one thing Obama, Boehner, McConnell, Reid, Pelosi or any of the other cranial-rectal-inversed folks in D.C. are arguing about constitutional? The answer is an emphatic NO. There’s nothing in the Constitution about nearly every program the government runs and spends our money on. So when it comes down to brass tacks, all of this posturing, politicking and finger pointing is about a bunch of stuff the government is doing illegally according to the law and founding documents that created its ability to even exist.

But since all we get is sound bite after sound bite after sound bite from these economic illiterates, we have to say something. And if you know me, you know I never pass up that chance.

Does it bother you as much as it bothers me that all of the blustering and BS we’re hearing about with the “fiscal cliff” is about compromising with our money? It’s actually pretty insulting. Do you think if any of their money was in the mix we’d have all of this going on? Without question it would not be happening. No one in their right mind would voluntarily hand over money to people like our congressional leaders for them to do the right thing, so why would anyone in Congress do the same thing? They know this and we know this because it’s an undeniable fact of life that government is terrible with money, whether it;s theirs or ours. The sad part of that statement is that it’s always ours.

Does it bother you they’re doing nothing to address spending when you or I would look at this kind of situation in our household and that would be the first thing we attack? It also offends me that these folks actually brag about how much they will save us in terms of cutting the deficit. Now there’s something to hang your hat on, Mr. and Mrs. Politician, “We’re overspending once again this year, just by not as much!” Sadly, it’s still by over a TRILLION DOLLARS.

And there are two other terms the fiscal fools in D.C. use that really burn my backside. Quit calling taxes revenues. They aren’t. They are confiscations at the barrel of a gun. The only thing D.C. is capable of producing or selling should be spread on farmers’ fields for next year’s crops. The other is the savings they claim they will produce by not spending money on things in the future and calling it a spending cut. Think about these the next time someone asks you if our leaders in D.C. think you’re stupid. Trust me, they do. And every two years we confirm it by re-electing the vast majority of them

The final insult to me is the fact these folks have the nerve to continue confiscating our money and overspending it on things that are unconstitutional — all while telling us it is our duty to pay for their not confiscating enough and their overspending of what they take. Is there not one person in Washington with decency to actually stand up and say, “Stop?” Or perhaps resign in disgrace of what they’ve wrought on the citizenry of this great nation?

The simple fact of the matter is that any solution Washington comes up with won’t work and we’ll be right back in the same place as we are now. It’s just that the time in between will become shorter and shorter. Remember, we just did this fiscal irresponsibility debate a short time ago.

We have the resources available from our founding fathers about the dangers of what our current leaders are doing and correct this situation. They can be found in the Constitution and the writings of the great men and women who came before the lesser ones we have now. Sadly, our current leaders don’t seem to like to read, whether it’s a bill on which they’re voting or the Constitution.

They’d rather just see the movie. And we all know how that ends.