Kannah Creek taps local ingredients in brewing beer

Kannah Creek Brewing Co. has used ingredients from two Grand Valley businesses in creating two versions of a classic porter.

Pigasus Porter can be found on draft at Kannah Creek locations in Grand Junction and Fruita. The dark brown beer features chocolate and roasted barley flavors with a coffee finish.

Pigasus Porter is flavored with Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee beans from Colorado Legacy Coffee and then aged in tequila barrels for three months. Tarrazu coffee is grown in the central part of Costa Rica known as Tarrazu in a lush, high-altitude volcanic region.

A second porter was named Logey Bogey after a college nickname for Kannah Creek owner Jim Jeffryes, who was known for mixing beer and wine.

Kannah Creek brewers found that the Shiraz grape line from Talon Winery could be used to pull a dark fruit profile from the roast and chocolate malts. The warming sensation helps balance the dark malt profile, while the natural herb and pepper of the Shiraz ensures the hops aren’t lost.

This is not the first time Kannah Creek has joined with local companies to collaborate on beers and won’t be the last, said Luke Laurita, a brewer at the Kannah Creek brewpub on 12th Street in Grand Junction. “We find ourselves in a moment now where this model can help our community as a whole grow,” Laurita said. “If given the opportunity to showcase our neighbors and friends, it only allows for the enrichment of the culture in this amazing valley we call home.”

For more information about Kannah Creek Brewing Co., visit www.kannahcreekbrewingco.com.