Keynote address to focus on culture of innovation

Tamara Kleinberg
Tamara Kleinberg

Tamara Kleinberg, an entrepreneur and author who’s advised some of the biggest companies in the United States, is scheduled to deliver the keynote presentation at the upcoming manufacturing summit in Western Colorado.

Kleinberg’s address is titled “The Innovative Edge: Seven and a Half Steps for Creating a Culture of Innovation.” Kleinberg will discuss ways to create a culture in which innovative people and ideas thrive, in turn honing a competitive edge for the companies for which they work.

Summit participants will have an opportunity to take an assessment measuring their innovation quotient, the results of which Kleinberg will discuss in her presentation.

Kleinberg was once one of the youngest executives ever named to a leadership role of a global advertising agency and worked with some of the biggest brands in business. She went on to found her own company that serves as a testing ground for new ideas.

Kleinberg has written two books, including “Think Sideways: A Game-Changing Playbook for Disruptive Thinking.” She’s a frequent speaker on topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship.