Law talk: Media organization launches podcasts

A new nonprofit media organization in Grand Junction offers podcasts about legal issues affecting people in Colorado.

Law Talk Global Network offers Law Talk Colorado podcasts through its website at The free podcasts also are accessible from major podcast platforms, including Google Podcasts, iHeart Radio, Spotify and Stitcher.

The podcasts feature journalists interviewing legal experts — among them lawyers, law enforcement officers, judges and legislators — on a variety of topics.

“There are many state and local laws that Coloradans are expected to abide by and navigate in our ‘life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.’ But, come on, we can’t all be lawyers or live next door to a police officer,” said Krystyn Hartman, founder of the Law Talk Global Network. “Enter Law Talk Colorado and Law Talk Global Network of news journalists interviewing state and local legal experts willing to take the time to share knowledge and insights of our laws in an easy access format that is free to everyone.”

Podcasting offers several advantages, Hartman said, including a conversational, magazine-style listening format. Podcasting is a fast-growing medium and accessible from any device with an internet connection. Moreover, the podcasts remain available and searchable on the internet as long as the information they convey remains relevant.

The first five Law Talk Colorado podcasts feature Western Colorado and Denver lawyers as well as a tech company executive, sheriff and police chief.

“Our goal is to release a new podcast daily by the end of this year,” Hartman said. “The need for public education of our state and local laws is critical. For example? Nearly 98 percent of civil cases filed in Colorado’s county courts do not have legal representation.”

Journalists Mike Moran and Angeline Roles lead the podcasts.

“They’re awesome to work with,” Hartman said. “Their experience and candor combined with their willingness to break new ground as a team, to learn together, laugh at ourselves through the many learning curves, have made what could’ve been a stressful process downright fun.”

Legal experts featured in the podcasts have been forgiving, she said, as interview techniques changed because of the coronavirus outbreak.

“We went from in-house interviews to remote Zoom interviews over a matter of days, all of us learning, everyone patient and supportive. Let’s just say, we have a lot of people to thank.”