Let’s get together, yeah, yeah, yeah

Craig Hall

If you’re a fan of the movie  “The Parent Trap,” I bet you just sang that little ditty. And whether it’s Haley Mills or Lindsey Lohan singing, the image in your head was innocent, happy and just darned cute. Just like most of America used to be before all the pandemic panic for the past two years. 

And what a two years it’s been. Hell, the tyrants in charge even cancelled the holidays in 2020. And if you’re like me, you’ve been waiting for them to do it again, because experience backed by wisdom tells me they’re chomping at the bit. It’s why they count cases only, ignore natural immunity, count staffed beds available, run endless advertising campaigns to get the shot and suggest only the un-vaxxed are the spreaders, carriers and those catching this serious version of the flu.  

Sadly, that’s exactly the opposite of what many other countries are reporting — unless you count the ones under martial law run by evil, dictatorial rule. But that’s what tyrants do, considering that until 2020, there’s never been a study showing lockdowns, masking and social distancing have actually worked. Yet time and again, areas of America keep going to those wells.  It’s past time these wells run dry.

I’ve said this a thousand times. Treat the sick with everything we have. Protect the vulnerable. Get on with life. I’ll even add: Get the shot if you’d like. But for the love of all that’s holy, can we just get the government back to the busybody state we had on March 15, 2020? After all, Joe Biden had a plan to defeat COVID-19, did he not? I’m guessing Joe’s plans were the same ones that never worked, like — I don’t know —- masking, social distancing, lockdowns and now, “vaccines” that lose pretty much all efficacy. 

It’s about time as human beings we simply say, “No more. We’re done.”  

I’ve been around the sun almost 60 times in this adventure titled “The Life of Craigy.” If I finally learned one thing, it’s this: Humans are communal creatures. Heck, even in the movie “I Robot,” the robots got together in groups after being decommissioned. And isn’t that what these folks who think they rule the world have been doing with their collective efforts for the past few years — decommissioning human interaction? 

Pretty much every COVID mandate (under the guise of your safety and health) has been about not being with certain humans. Well, unless it’s for bread and circuses like sporting events, gambling, select concerts, “protests,” liquor stores, dispensaries and special gatherings deemed worthy by our know-it-all elected betters. But church services, Thanksgiving, Christmas, dinners and drinks with friends, court appearances and places where one-on-one communications could occur about what’s happening to our laws are verboten. Yes, the German is emphasized for a reason. 

You must ask yourself why. Just look at technology the past several decades and what it’s designed to do. How many folks do you know who live their lives inside a less than 6-inch screen? Look at what Facebook is moving towards with its “Meta” technology — living your life while never leaving your home in a virtual world where everything you want, need and desire is just a click away. They’ve made movies about this folks, and they are legion. If you know a lick about history, you know just how much of our revolution, ending of slavery and freedom movements took place across the dinner table, at the pub or in church. You’d understand why a government lusting to control has outlawed them. 

No one plans a revolution drunk at the ballgame or screaming at their idol. Conversely, everyone “protesting” at riots helped the tyrants. These opposing examples are happening right before our eyes. 

There’s an old adage that says something like if you put 1,000 monkeys on 1,000 typewriters for 1,000 years, one of them will write Shakespeare. No they wouldn’t. They are monkeys, and incapable. So there’s no chance unless some human is doing the monkeys’ work. What’s the chance of vaccine manufacturers working on an MRNA vaccine specifically to fight against a spike protein with human receptors that’s magically attached to a bat virus? It wouldn’t happen unless some human was doing the work on both. So what we’re living under is something that could never occur naturally. 

Vaccines that work take years and decades of testing and studies to be placed into society. Yet, we’ve taken one which has never worked in trials and installed it within a few months — all under the guise of allowing us to “get back to normal”. Yet one year in, and it’s arguably worse than ever across every arena of life. You can certainly take the shot, but I’d suggest a good look beyond the ad campaigns. 

Just think of where’d we’d be if we had done my suggestion in the beginning of this column — with the added bonus of uplifting times with friends, family and freedom the past two years. 

Be thankful, vigilant, safe and enjoy fellow humans this holiday season. We might not get another one even this free. 

Craig Hall is owner and publisher of the Business Times. Reach him at 424-5133 or publisher@thebusinesstimes.com.