Low COVID cases affirm reason to assert rights

by Marilyn M. Barnewall

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis has publicly admitted — to his credit — the statistics he was given by health authorities are wrong.  About 33 percent fewer Coloradans have been stricken with COVID-19 than reported.

Given the statistics for the West Slope, it’s evident why a lot of people think closing down businesses is a Democrat plot to harm the booming economy the Trump administration built since 2017. The thought goes something like this. Trump’s greatest strength is the economy. Harm the economy, and you harm Trump. Democrats win in 2020.

Mesa County has a population of nearly 153,000, but as of June 5 reported 62 positive coronavirus cases and no deaths. In six other counties in the 3rd Congressional District in Colorado, the population totals 327,600. There have been a combined 712 coronavirus cases and 32 deaths in those counties.

Do these numbers include the 33 percent to which Gov. Polis referred? It’s impossible to tell. Either way, it’s ridiculous. People have been put through the kinds of trauma over this? Thousands of businesses closed. By one estimate, Colorado will lose more than 500,000 jobs because of COVID-19.

You’d have to be naive or uninformed to think these statistics justify the pain and psychological trauma. Do you realize how many parents that impacts? People with young children to feed and mortgages to pay? Keep in mind, too, governments get money from taxes on businesses and wages to pay for schools, fire departments and police and to help those unable to support themselves.

Truly, Dr. Anthony Fauci’s cure for COVID-19 has proven worse than the disease. We knew by mid-April the best way to fight COVID-19 was to shelter the elderly and let those under 60 get back to work. 

One life lost to the annual flu is one too many if that person is someone about whom you care. Just because someone calls it a coronavirus rather than the flu doesn’t change that. The fact is, however, we’re born and we die. That’s the life cycle and why we should appreciate each breath we draw.

Let’s look at another cause of death in Colorado and compare the two and political reactions to both.

There were 377 more people killed in auto accidents in just the first two months of 2020 than in the same span in 2019. I don’t hear anyone demanding a ban on automobiles or that garages be shut down — or car dealerships for that matter.

Some businesses have resisted – or tried to resist – the tyrannical demands of unreasonable government. Those who resist have been insulted by people who believe we must comply with all government requests and demands. They think if you don’t comply, something is wrong with you.  There are many examples on the West Slope.

Thanks to Rifle restaurant owner Lauren Boebert for her stand against the tyranny of repressive government. Thank God there are still Americans who not only know their constitutional rights but also put everything on the line for them. Boebert fights not only for her rights. She fights for all of us.

Boebert took intelligent precautions to keep her customers at Shooters Grill in Rifle safe from COVID-19. She did not, however, willingly give her rights or those of her customers over to government policies that aren’t granted by either the federal or state constitutions. She kept Shooters Grill in Rifle open while being threatened by the government, then was closed down and taken to court,

Boebert will face U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton for the Republican nomination in a primary election to be held June 30.

This primary and the 2020 election aren’t about what anyone supports. They’re about what people — including Tipton  —achieve The farmers I know tell few, if any, “gosh things sure improved this year” stories. Tipton has had more than 10 years to improve the lives of those in the agriculture industry, including those who live in our beautiful valley. Has he succeeded?

It appears the entire Democrat message in 2020 is, “We’ll do anything, no matter how destructive, to the people or the country. We must reclaim the presidency so we can once again go back to abusing our power in a politically correct way. (We get to define what is politically correct). Then things will be calm again because we’ll shut up and, as everyone knows, Republicans don’t ever make noise about anything.”

How many business owners or their former employees will vote for a Democrat this year? I’m an unaffiliated voter. Who am I supposed to vote for? Democrats who think it’s okay to ruin the lives of thousands of Coloradans over deaths that, based on the numbers, don’t justify the closures?

Or should I vote for Republicans who have no backbone? They don’t even publicly support their own party’s president. It doesn’t matter if they don’t personally like him. The people like him, and that’s why they elected him. Elected officials are supposed to represent the people, not personal preferences.

I’m voting for Lauren Boebert in the June 30 primary. She sounds smart. And she’s gutsy — or she would have never faced down Beto O’Rourke. When the presidential candidate said he was going to take everyone’s guns, she told him, “Hell no you’re not.”

I’ve done some pretty gutsy things myself in my demand for truth from government in my 83 years, but I think Lauren Boebert beat me on that one. And she supports the independent business at the heart of our economy.

Marilyn MacGruder Barnewall started a career in investigative journalism in Wyoming before working in the banking industry and then operating a consulting company. She’s written 13 books and taught banking at the university level. When she became disabled in 1993, she returned to journalism.