Machining firm celebrates 50 years in business

Lindsey Robinson

While a lot of things have changed since her grandfather started Industrial Screen and Maintenance in 1969, Lindsey Robinson said one thing hasn’t changed at the machining company, and that’s helping customers solve problems.

“For 50 years our family has been coming up with solutions for our customers,” said Robinson, owner and president of ISM. “We specialize in prototype to production of precise machined components. Often times someone walks in our door with a problem and an idea and we all put our heads together to design and manufacture a part that will solve the problem. Sometimes that means we are literally creating one custom part and other times we are manufacturing thousands.”

Robinson oversees a family-owned business launched in 1969 by Robert “Peter” Miner in Casper, Wyo. When he retired in 2000, his son and Robinson’s father, Daniel Miner, took over.

Robinson and her husband, Aaron, became involved in the company in 2005 and opened a second location for the operation in Grand Junction. Lindsey Robinson took over in 2018 when her father retired.

ISM provides a wide range of manufacturing capabilities that include grinding, milling, polishing, turning and welding. The company also offers screen design and fabrication as well as urethane coatings, linings, molds and products.

ISM operates facilities in Casper and Grand Junction and employs a staff of 42.

“It’s such an honor to be the owner and president of our family business,” Robinson said. “I watched over the years the struggles my grandfather and father went through to keep the business alive during the many oil busts.  Doing anything and everything to keep key employees and customers coming in.  The lessons I learned from them over the years are invaluable.”

“The machining business is in my genes, but being a woman in this business is definitely unique,” Robinson added. “I’m certainly in the minority when it comes to women owning machining companies.”

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