Making America great at the lowest common denominator

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

I  saw a post on Facebook. Yes, that’s where this idea came from, and which we all hopefully now realize is the window to America’s soul. And, yes, it’s an ugly view of the soul as it relates to where this country is headed. It was done to prove a point as to just how much one candidate cares about our country and its people versus how little another candidate cares.

The post was about baseball caps. Yes, baseball caps. You see, the candidate who cared bought his baseball caps with “Made in the USA” tags on them. Obviously, the candidate who didn’t care bought his baseball caps with “Made in China” on them. Ohhhhhhh, the humanity!

You’re probably asking what difference does that make? Economically speaking, you’d be absolutely right. Freedom would suggest someone should be free to buy their baseball caps from wherever they’d prefer at an acceptable price regardless of country, factory or sales source origin. This is called freedom of association and is guaranteed in our Constitution. It’s also a result of the just how big the world market has become. Nothing was won or lost here in either transaction, which was a simple as it gets: An exchange of money for desired good and services. That’s simply how an economy works regardless of where those goods come from. At least that’s how it should work. And the key ingredient in a free association whether it’s personal, professional or business is this: It’s none of the government’s business.

But we don’t live in those days any longer because when it comes to presidential candidates, everything is the government’s business. And when someone runs for president, any chance to capitalize on fixing even the smallest of any perceived sleight or problem for anyone is indeed something a candidate must solve, even more so if it can get your vote.

So let’s look further into the Caring Cap Controversy of 2016. You see, the man who cares, the man who loves everyone, the man who wants to “make America great again” is the one with the Made in the USA baseball caps — Donald Trump. The man who has the Made in China baseball caps is Bernie Sanders — you know, the one who loves the American working class and is for the common man. Obviously, the point here is that Donald cares more because he saved or created millions of jobs because of where his baseball caps were made versus Bernie, who America hates because his caps came from China. I don’t know what to make of it. But I do know our problems go beyond a baseball cap order. And if this changes your vote for president or you think this changes someone’s vote for president due to the reposting on Facebook of this idiotic meme, you’re hereby barred from ever using the statement, “Just how stupid do they think we are?”

Because the answer to that question is very stupid. And “conservatives” do it as much as liberals when it comes to this kind of stuff being posted online. Here’s why. First off, no one has any idea whether the pictures shown in the post are real or simply pictures posted to push a way of thinking. Secondly, even if said pictures are real and accurate, just how does that make someone love America more? Next, if someone doesn’t think or agree with the posting, how does that make them less “conservative” or, as the post suggests, less caring or loving about our country? Lastly, why does this even matter? I’ll tell you why, because this is how elections are decided today — at the lowest common denominator. And when it comes to that, even the smartest, most America-loving, most conservative, most socialist, most “free stuff for all” voters are willing dupes for the people of Donald Trump’s and Bernie Sanders’ character.

To prove my point as to how little thought goes into these posts and how willing people are to support or oppose a candidate, I asked one simple question: Just where do you think Donald Trump’s clothing lines are made? Here’s what proves that sycophants are sycophants. The answer that came back within seconds was, “Probably custom tailored in the USA.” This tells me two things. One, obviously no research was done because the word probably was used. And two, using a fancy word like tailored doesn’t make the answer authoritative, because the answer is wrong. The fact is, almost all of “The Donald’s” clothing lines are indeed produced overseas, in the very kind of countries and places these “conservatives” would love to pin on Bernie as “America hating.” To use some bad grammar, “Hypocrite much?”

So in the end, what do we have?
A couple of guys willing to use anything and anyone one to get elected president, both hoping the “anyones” fall for some meme online, which obviously solves a problem for candidates but does nothing for our country. They get elected and we, of course, get the same bad government.

America will not all of the sudden become great again because we elect a socialist or narcissist, regardless of the country of origin of baseball cap purchases. America is great because of its freedom and people. Vote for freedom, something for which the folks running, along with many who support them, seem to have little regard.