Making marketing sense

          With over 18 years of experience in sales management and marketing, Erika Jones, Owner and Director of Strategic Planning for Synergy Marketing Consultants, always had a passion for helping businesses. 

Erika Jones
Erika Jones

            Finally, with her entrepreneurial drive, along with encouragement from family, and a strong business plan, Jones and her husband opened Synergy Marketing Consultants in 2011. “I find that more and more businesses need help with even just the little things when it comes to marketing their business effectively,” says Jones, “I saw a real need for a group that takes a consultative approach rather than a “commission” approach in helping businesses market, so our model is completely different than a traditional agency.” 

            Jones manages a high energy group of creative people that handle her client’s marketing while the clients focus on running their business. Synergy often puts on free seminars on Social and Traditional Media that are open to any size business. “I really believe in looking at your marketing plan and operating with a mindset of spending $1000 and making it look like you spent $2000,” adds Jones, “This can be very challenging in today’s market, but it can be done.” Synergy brings a fresh perspective on using traditional and new media in creating a hybrid strategy that has helped the firm grow far beyond its expectations in its first year of business. Synergy has already added a full time marketing consultant and a full time administrative assistant.  

            “Marketing is pretty simple, you have to make it all make sense otherwise you are just wasting money,” adds Jones.