Maybe I should’ve told Michigan to “break a leg”

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

I know I’ll hear it about this one, but that’s OK. Because when one is a fan of a team, it’s almost expected that one feels the officials are against them. And to be fair, it’s not the referees’ fault. After all, Louisville had that kid with the broken leg.

I know what you’re going to say. How cruel. It was a tragic, horrific injury. I know, I saw it live, played over and over by an eager CBS network that couldn’t wait to exploit this poor kid and label Louisville America’s choice to win the NCAA basketball tournament. The refs just fell under the spell of the propaganda. And when that happens, if you’re on the other side, don’t expect anything to go your way.

Which, of course, brings me to the topics of our government’s current exploitation of sequestration, immigration and gun control.

Is there any question left in anyone’s mind the administration has tried to exploit the decrease in the increase of spending known as the sequester? This tiny cut of about 1 percent in federal spending has been labeled “draconian” by the over-spenders in Washington. But what’s really draconian are just who these folks have targeted with the cuts. Memos abound that show the administration asking department heads to make the cuts hurt average Americans as much as possible.

We now have school children and regular Americans losing out on the chance to tour the White House, veterans who have lost their college tuition benefits and Medicare cancer patients losing out on treatments among the everyday citizens suffering under these cuts. And that has to be on purpose when you consider the millions we’re still wasting on condom studies, robotic squirrels, puppets and comedy tours to India. It’s actually billions we’re wasting on these kinds of programs. Just go to

If Washington really wanted to address spending cuts, it would recognize the sequestration for the joke that it is and eliminate these ridiculous pork projects.

Next on the list of things Washington has no desire to solve is immigration. While we do indeed have an immigration problem, it pales in comparison to the illegal immigration problem we actually have. But instead of the government securing our borders, one if its actual Constitutional responsibilities, we have to hear the sob stories about the illegals in this country.

Isn’t that what dominates the news when it comes to this topic? Just like you couldn’t talk about the NCAA final game without the requisite picture and story of Kevin Ware, we have to hear about how mean and insensitive some are to the plight of these folks here illegally. I hate to burst these critics’ bubbles, (particularly after mine was burst by Louisville on Monday) but we do care about these folks That’s why we’re fighting against the idiotic “gang of eight” and its solution. Because, like all comprehensive solutions, we know it won’t solve the real problem. It’s just another nail in the country’s coffin that will make life indeed worse for the very same people this bill pretends to help.

Simply put, comprehensive immigration reform is our government’s way of exploiting a group of people to gain votes and consolidate and continue its power. And that’s on both sides of the aisle. For proof, all you need to know is that John McCain and Lindsay Graham are involved.

As for gun control, I don’t see how it can get much worse in terms of the blatant exploitation of the tragedies that have occurred. Our president is running around at the sites of these tragic events basically saying if you don’t support his over-reaching policies and ideas on gun control, you somehow are in favor of mass shootings. He actually said in Connecticut this week that the folks who support that absolute right to bear arms from our Second Amendment don’t want to make it just a little bit harder to shoot our kids.

From what I’ve read, most folks support background checks for gun purchases, don’t want guns in the hands of criminals and certainly don’t want any innocents to die at the hands of others regardless of whether a gun is used in the killing or not. That said, we don’t want more laws that won’t do anything to prevent these tragedies from happening — as are being proposed now. We don’t want anyone usurping or our God-given rights. And we certainly support looking into better mental health controls when it comes to individuals having access to guns — along with taking a serious look into the kinds of prescription drugs these murderers all seem to share the same common thread in taking. Oh, and criminals by definition don’t obey the law.

You know what would stop a mass shooting? Ten people shooting the shooter. Just the thought of someone concealed carrying would do wonders for prevention.

Oh, and the next time Michigan makes the final game, I recommend the team wheel up one of its players to courtside on life support.