Medical device manufacturer earns safety award

C5 Medical Werks in Grand Junction is among 45 Pinnacol Assurance policyholders in Colorado to earn awards for safety and risk management.

Pinnacol Assurance presents the annual Circle of Safety Awards to workers’ compensation insurance policyholders in recognition of exceptional performance in safety, loss control and financial and claims management.

C5 Medical Werks has earned the award for two consecutive years.

“This is a select group of Colorado organizations that have demonstrated a long-term commitment to sound risk management practices,” said Ken Ross, president and chief executive officer of Pinnacol Assurance. “In fact, less than 1 percent of our policyholders meet the criteria for this award. We are delighted to recognize the leaders and employees of these 45 organizations for their exceptional efforts and results in maintaining safe workplaces.”

A wholly owned subsidiary of CoorsTek, C5 Medical Werks manufactures medical devices, including implantable ceramic components used in orthopaedic and dental procedures. For more information, log on to

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