Meeker hospital offers new tech for joint replacements

Kevin Borchard
Kevin Borchard

Pioneers Medical Center in Meeker now offers a surgical assistance system that combines a robotic arm and computer software for pre-surgical planning as well as guidance during knee and hip replacement procedures.

“The Mako System takes what are already very good surgeries and ensures precise implant placement while minimizing soft tissue damage. This is a very powerful tool that has the potential to further elevate our patients’ outcomes,” said Dr. Kevin Borchard, a fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon who has completed more than 1,000 joint replacement procedures. Borchard is the first surgeon to use the Mako System at Pioneers Medical Center.

The Mako System uses imaging of a joint before surgery to create a three-dimensional model. This enables surgeons to more accurately determine implant size, orientation and alignment based on the unique anatomy of each patient. During the procedure, the system guides the surgeon to complete his plan. The system also allows surgeons to modify plans if needed.

Borchard said the Mako System will benefit patients with smaller incisions and less scarring, reduced risk of infection, minimal hospitalization and more rapid recovery. There’s also less risk of implant dislocation, loosening or mechanical problems, in turn reducing the need for additional surgeries.