Mesa County revamps its Web site

A redesigned Web site is expected to help users find information about Mesa County government and its programs and services more quickly and easily.

“Our Web site is our most efficient communication and service-delivery tool,” said Mesa County Commissioner Janet Rowland. “We want people to be able to find what they’re looking for online — and in many cases, get what they need — without having to get in line at one of our offices.”

Mesa County staff redesigned the Web site following an analysis of current usage statistics as well as research into Web design best practices. County staff and outside users also offered comments on the new navigation and other features of the revamped site.

“Our Web team put together a dynamic new home page,” said Frank Whidden, director of information technology for the county. “The site is now better organized to meet our residents’ needs and to make access to local government information and services easier than ever.”

Located at, the Mesa County Web site offers a wide variety of resources — from interactive maps, aerial photos and property information to bus routes, construction schedules and budget information. Online application and payment options for many county services also are available.

“As people get used to the new navigation, we hope they’ll let us know how it’s working for them,” said Jessica Peterson, public relations director for the county. “The site is designed to be simpler to navigate — but our most important feedback comes from our users. We’ll continue to make improvements based on what we hear from folks in the community.”