Mesa County Workforce Center

The Mesa County Workforce Center houses an employment training program known as the Workforce Investment Act Program.  This program provides federal dollars to fund a variety of short-term, occupational training opportunities for Personal Care Providers, Certified Nurse Assistant, CDL-A and CDL-B for Truck Drivers, computer courses for administrative/office support, Medical Office Administration, Licensed Practical Nurse and Associate in Nursing, and many more depending on the career field’s demand in our local labor market. 

Our newest training opportunity, personal care provider training, is offered in partnership with Hilltop Community Resources.  In one week, an individual will attend a full day of training on PCP techniques and procedures, two days of QMAP medication certification, one day of CPR/First Aid certification, and one day of job shadowing/clinicals at a Hilltop assisted living site.  A complete background check is performed along with skill and personality assessments to ensure qualified candidates for this training. The new PCP training (along with all other trainings offered at the Workforce Center) is an excellent opportunity for local employers to find qualified and well-trained individuals for open positions within their organizations.  We highly encourage employers to refer applicants they have an interest in hiring to the Mesa County Workforce Center to receive training in the areas mentioned above, before the actual hire takes place.  In doing so, an employer ensures that they find a very qualified candidate who is not only well-trained, but who has also been through a comprehensive eligibility process to determine job skill levels and personality fitness for the career field an individual is seeking. 

Along with the wide variety of training opportunities available at our campus location, the Mesa County Workforce Center can also offer On-the-Job training and Work Experience Internships.  These two forms of training continue to grow in popularity with local employers. Both of these programs allow for an individual to train at the job site and with an employer, all while the wage for the trainee is paid or reimbursed (up to several thousand dollars) through any one of several federal grant programs available through the Mesa County Workforce Center.  OJTs and Internships offer an employer the chance to see their potential hire in action…how well they work with existing staff, how dedicated they may be, how quickly they learn the job, how well they work with management, where their skill level is at….before the actual hire ever takes place, and before the employer makes an actual financial investment in this trainee. 

Our recommendation for employers who are interested in taking advantage of an On-the-job training or Internship is to refer applicants who they may be very interested in hiring to the Mesa County Workforce Center. We can provide an excellent opportunity to train an individual, in depth, at their own worksite, and offer the added benefit of determining an applicant’s eligibility through assessing their job skill levels and personality fitness for the career field before an employer makes an actual offer of hire.  If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact Hollie Van Roosendaal at the Mesa County Workforce Center at 248-0866.