Mobile marketing all about communication

It’s not hype. It’s an essential marketing tool for any business. Mobile marketing is not a hot trend that’s driven by some amazing new technology. It’s a powerful communication tool that will connect you to consumers in a quick, efficient and affordable way.

As a business owner, it’s imperative to communicate effectively with your customers. Connecting through a mobile device offers an increased sense of a personal involvement in their daily lives.

And when your customers hear that ring tone, they pay attention. Studies show that nine out of 10 people carry a cell phone that’s within 3 feet of them at all times. With a staggering 97 percent readability within four minutes, every business should be tapping into the power of mobile.

Mobile marketing is especially effective for retailers and restaurants. How else can you engage consumers when they’re out and about and ready to buy or dine? With a targeted and relevant message campaign, you can deliver instant value to them. Within minutes, you have the opportunity to ask for and receive an immediate call to action. Offering coupons with well thought out incentives based on your customers’ desires or past purchases makes mobile marketing that much more effective.

Your marketing efforts must include strategies that inspire customer retention, offers that appeal to new customers or messages that communicate expansion or new products. The use of mobile coupons can perform just that. The fact that your customer or new client must opt-in for your offer means your product or service is relevant to them. This gives you the power to tailor your message and target your market, which brings new business.

Captain Brien’s Seafood & Raw Bar, for example, included in its mobile marketing campaign food special announcements, comedy club ticket giveaways, mobile coupons, party announcements, promotional tie-ins and more. Using the immediacy of mobile marketing and in-venue signs, Captain Brien’s was able to fill a 2,000 plus venue notice for a comedy club giveaway within three hours. The business now uses text messaging on a daily basis and gets an 18 percent to 22 percent redemption rate on mobile coupons and ticket specials.

You work hard to keep your customers. You work even harder to land new ones. Mobile marketing equals customer retention and business growth. If you haven’t started building your mobile marketing text message database, now is the time to start.