My post-election opinion: Government still the problem

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

Well, the election didn’t turn out like I hoped. But it certainly turned out how I suspected. And once again two things remain certain: Freedom will continue to be taken at our local and state levels, and Democrats will prove they want nothing but power and to punish on the federal level.

Both of these bold (well, not really bold — just experience) predictions stem from my thoughts in my previous column related to how I vote: for candidates who’ll hurt my rights less and against ballot initiatives that affect me personally. Let’s face it, our ballots are full of people and ideas that do nothing but those exact things. And my take on how the vote turned out says we’re about to suffer those consequences, but perhaps not to the point where those doing them to us would hope.

In Colorado, we’ve elected a governor I believe will place agenda and personal beliefs above the rights of citizens. That thought is strictly political in its basis and has nothing to do with Jared Polis personally.

Let’s begin with the ultimate irony. It was just a few weeks back when the most-noted American hypocrite — Bernie Sanders — campaigned for Polis by screeching the time has come to end millionaires and billionaires buying political office, while standing next to a man spending millions of his own money to buy his way into office. That’s not a slam on Polis, just a fact. I have no problem with candidates spending as much of their own money as they choose to run for office. And that’s whether to buy signs the other party pulls off lawns (well, one party certainly does it), run lying ad after lying ad on television and radio (both parties do it) or pay off potential folks who’d do them or their campaigns harm (this includes Playboy bunnies and porn “stars” or other paramours from the past).

Yup. I believe anyone should be able to do what they want with their own money and property. I don’t really care what “campaign laws” say as they are written to handcuff the other side and are broken with impunity with barely a slap on the wrist — unless one is President Donald Trump, in which case they’re impeachable and should come with a prison sentence.

Fact is, until we remove the power our elected leaders have back to the original constitutional intent, we’ll have huge, unlimited, money in the process, bad characters running for office and a government that doesn’t work for freedom or the people.

Which brings us back to Polis and Colorado and how much harder life will become for us. One needs to look no further than Polis’ desire to bring single payer health care to our state. If history has taught us anything, it’s government does very little well, few (if any) things within budget and literally nothing that benefits people as a whole. The proof is in the historical pudding. If one looks at our roads, government machinations to get around TABOR, failing schools, special crony capitalism programs for the select few and myriad government programs that promise much and deliver little (unless one is connected) you’ll see government should NOT be in the business of business.

Yet somehow, magically, Polis knows exactly how to run health care. Worse, he’ll bring in “experts” in the industry to help run it to perfection, when all they’re qualified to do is run it to their advantage because of who they work for. Which is exactly as Polis will run it: To the advantage of the investments he has in the industry — bringing us to another irony. It’s one thing for Polis to invest in companies in the health care industry because he believes they’ll be profitable because they have the best ideas. It’s another for him to shape law and policy in doing so. Isn’t this something Democrats are allegedly against?

Which brings us to the ongoing problem people always face in the wake of any election: the promotion of personal values, thoughts, ideas and opinions via government fiat, creating criminals, and at the barrel of a gun. And yes, folks, this is how things are today and it knows no party. In this past election, if the people of Colorado said anything it’s they don’t want taxpayer money wasted on more government when it comes to roads and schools and programs that take from some, give to special others and deliver little results. So before Polis starts with his big dreams on health care, let’s have him first fix even one small thing government runs. Otherwise, he’ll get no support here.

On the federal level, let’s leave it here: Democrats in the House will over reach and be an embarrassment because they believe they should be our rulers and think Trump should be impeached. They have no intention to help the people of this country. They’ll promote their political agenda via the subpoena process and care not one wit how it affects you and me. Oh, and they’ll vote to take more of our money.

If you can show me one way any of this protects our inalienable, individual rights, I’m willing to listen. It’s why I always vote for less.