Need some assistance? Check out the resources

Bob Kretschman summarized nicely the goal of renewed efforts at the Mesa County Libraries to assist businesses. While there are many reasons a venture might struggle or even fail, a lack of information shouldn’t be one, says Kretschman, public information manager at the libraries.

We’d add to that statement, though: Given the availability of so many resources in the Grand Valley, a lack of assistance shouldn’t be one, either.

As the cover story in this issue details, Mesa County Libraries offers a wide range of free resources to business owners and managers, including access to various online data bases and courses. That’s not to mention all the information available from all those old-fashion books filling shelves at the libraries. In addition, the libraries offer free personal assistance in accessing resources and conducting research.

As part of the Business Connect outreach effort, the libraries will team up with the Business Incubator Center and Grand Junction Area Chamber of Commerce in offering free workshops and individualized assistance.

The Mesa County Libraries only add to the range of resources available in the Grand Valley to entrepreneurs to help them start and grow their businesses. The incubator center and chamber offer various programs and services, but so do the Colorado Mesa University Department of Business, Grand Junction Economic Partnership and Mesa County Workforce Center.  These various entities have different missions and, as a result, offer different services. But they also work together to assist new and existing businesses.

It’s challenging no doubt to operate a business even under the best of conditions. And the going has been especially rough in the Grand Valley in the aftermath of a recession and stubbornly slow recovery.

But here’s the point: Substantial help is available to entrepreneurs, mostly free for the asking. So call already. Go online for more information. Talk to a counselor, take a course, attend a networking event or access a library data base.

While you’re at it, pick up a copy of the Business Times. Each issue offers news, views and practical advice you can use to better manage your operation.

A lack of neither information nor assistance should keep Grand Valley entrepreneurs from succeeding.