Neurosurgeon works to alleviate patients’ pain

Dr. Larry Tice
Dr. Larry Tice

Dr. Larry Tice helps patients suffering from what’s literally a pain in the neck — as well as the arms, legs and back.

The neurosurgeon does so in part by offering procedures unavailable elsewhere in Western Colorado, including minimally invasive sacroiliac joint fusions.

The sacroiliac joint connects the last segment of the spine, the sacrum, to the pelvis. The joint depends on strong ligaments that cover, compress and stabilize the joint. When ligaments are compromised because of injury or age, people can suffer  pain in the lower back, buttocks and legs. The conditions also can produce such sciatica-like symptoms as leg pain, burning, numbness and tingling.

Tice has practiced in the Grand Valley for nearly 40 years. He started his private practice, Atlas Arch Neurosurgery, in Fruita in 2010 in working with the Family Health West outpatient procedure center.

“The expertise and cooperative efforts of the Family Health West administration were very encouraging,” Tice said. “It was an optimal timing to continue practicing here in Fruita.

Tice also has been involved in the Colorado Canyons Hospital & Medical Center operated by Family Health West in Fruita. He serves as director of medical affairs, acting as an intermediary with clinical staff and physicians, developing policies and procedures to maximize patient results and assisting with physician recruitment.

Tice attended medical school in Oregon and completed his internship and residency in New York. He performed general surgery at the University of Colorado and decided to specialize in neurosurgery. After a four-year neurosurgery residency at the University of Oregon, Tice completed a microvascular fellowship in San Francisco.