New at DQ: Orange Julius

In what’s billed as a merger of two iconic brands, Dairy Queen now serves Orange Julius beverages.

The original Orange Julius beverage as well as fruit smoothies are available at participating DQ locations, including restaurants in Grand Junction.

“With the assortment of fruit choices, variety and convenience we now offer in this beverage category, it’s like having a smoothie shop within a DQ restaurant,” said Barry Westrum, executive vice president of marketing for American Dairy Queen Corp. “This is a perfect addition to our menu for customers who want a healthier quick snack or a treat at any time of the day.”

International Dairy Queen acquired the Orange Julius concept in 1987, but the popular brand of orange drinks has been around more than 85 years.

Bill Hamlin developed a drink mixing orange juice with other ingredients to reduce the acidity that upset his stomach. Hamlin introduced his invention to Julius Freed, who in turn served the drinks to customers at his orange juice stand in Los Angeles. When customers shouted “Give me an orange, Julius,” a brand was born.

At Dairy Queen, the original Orange Julius beverages are made fresh with real fruit. The fruit smoothies are blended fresh with fruit and low-fat yogurt. The original beverages and smoothies both come in five flavors: orange, strawberry, strawberry banana, triple berry and mango pineapple.

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