New business offers motivational products

A new Grand Junction business offers a line of products designed to inspire people to get off to a fresh start each day.

Water’s Wisdoms provides a waterproof picture frame that adheres to shower walls and a subscription service that provides motivational quotes, mantras and affirmations on waterproof paper inserted into the frame. The goal is to provide motivational messages in the one place that offers a refuge for people: the shower.

Mandy Rush, a long-time real estate agent in the Grand Valley, launched Water’s Wisdom along with Kelly Martin and Lynnzie Lindstrom.

Subscribers can choose from the mentors of their choice and each month receive new inserts. Two Christian-based series are available, as is a “Love of the Horse” series. The “First Descent” series features outdoor adventure scenes combined with quotes from cancer survivors. The “More Than Surviving” series features custom artwork and mantras from “Survivor” TV show celebrities Joe Anglim and Sierra Dawn.

For more information about Water’s Wisdoms, visit the website at