New faces looking for new places

Nancy Watkins
Nancy Watkins

Yes, this could be the title of a song. But more and more it seems to be a theme in our community. People are moving here. Whether you read about it in the Business Times, discuss it with others or experience it yourself after the moving truck pulls up to the house next door, it’s happening.

There’s no denying the recession years were tough on many in our community. But fast forward to today, and the economy seems to be improving here on the western side of Colorado. And it’s not just in the residential real estate market, but also commercial real estate.

That’s where a commercial broker like me comes in.

For me to do my job successfully, I must identify your needs. For many years, satisfying those needs went something like this: “Hi, I own a local business and need to expand.” Or, from a building owner: “I have vacant space and need to lease it.” These searches were typical and ones I enjoyed fulfilling.

What I now see more and more takes me by surprise and nourishes my love for this industry and our community.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many new transplants, newbies and wannabees to our community from the Front Range, Utah, California, Arizona or even Wisconsin, to name a few.  Their reasons for coming to Grand Junction are varied.

Examples include a restaurant you’ll soon see opening that’s coming from the Front Range and a new industrial use coming from Minnesota.

Somehow these people found Grand Junction and have decided to make it home for their business or for themselves. It leaves me wondering: Who are these people and how did they find us? More importantly, how can I meet their needs?

I don’t ask these questions just to be curious (well maybe a little), but more so to get to know you better and meet the needs of your business.

If you are looking for commercial space, how can I pair your business needs with the available commercial real estate inventory? If you’re new to business, can I help you with some gaps in your business plan? Can I help you navigate any local or state regulations that could be unique to your business or to Colorado of which you might not be aware?

This information helps me do my job better while helping you be successful in your business and therefore making our landlords successful.

It might not seem like it, but this truly is where my job becomes fun. I not only get to share my expertise of this community and its commercial market, I also get to show off our beautiful community and make new friends at the same time.

Moving to a new community can be both difficult and exciting. But when it comes to commercial real estate, it usually isn’t so much an emotional decision as it is a pragmatic business decision. My job as a broker is to help you find the best space or property for your business needs for you to be successful.

As a transplant myself 10 years ago, I was the one being asked the questions. That includes the most common question. Why here? The answer is almost always the same: for the quality of life, of course.

Now I’m the one asking the questions. While quality of life remains an important reason why we’re here, the success of your business and mine can be just as important as why we’re here in this beautiful part of the world. Working together, we can enjoy both.

Welcome to Grand Junction and the Grand Valley.