Are you an ambassador for the Grand Valley?

Those who work and live in the Grand Valley are familiar with the booms and busts, the ups and downs and good times and bad that occur here. Just a couple years ago, we were still dealing with the lingering effects of the recession. But in a fairly short time, things have turned around. A […]

New faces looking for new places

Yes, this could be the title of a song. But more and more it seems to be a theme in our community. People are moving here. Whether you read about it in the Business Times, discuss it with others or experience it yourself after the moving truck pulls up to the house next door, it’s […]

What you need to know about commercial leases

You’re ready to start or move your business, and your broker has found the right commercial location with rent you can afford. Now what? Read the lease. I know, it’s long, boring and confusing. But you need to know what it says. Check the terms, start and end dates, rent amount and rent escalations. Did […]