New film firm ready to tell visual stories

William Campbell

A new Grand Junction company creates promotional videos, commercials and a range of other products that tell visual stories.

William Campbell, a development worker turned film maker, launched Thunderful Films.

“At this point, we’re not looking to make our millions. We’re looking for trust and reputation. Success for us is a gorgeous film on a budget our customer can afford with the impact of the production far exceeding the expense,” Campbell said.

In addition to cinematic films, promotional videos and commercials, Thunderful Films produces videos for festivals, musicians and weddings. The firm also offers professional photographic services.

Campbell said the idea for the business evolved from the video productions he wrote and directed for Omega International, a nonprofit group that works with youth and teachers to spread peace in Afghanistan.

Inspired by the power of film and small businesses to help developing nations, Campbell said he wants to determine if  the same concept will work in the midst of a slow economic recovery in the United States.

Given the availability of cinematic imaging technology at prices small businesses can afford and what he called an explosion of online video consumption, the timing for the venture couldn’t be better, Campbell said.

The timing’s also right personally, he said, for someone who is “experienced enough to be ready and young enough to be daring.”

For more information, call 250-8822 or visit the website at