New Mesa County division to manage stormwater

A new division of Mesa County Public Works has assumed management of stormwater in the county.

The Mesa County Stormwater Division took on the role when a collaborative agency down as the 521 Drainage District dissolved. The federal Clean Water Act as well as the Colorado Department of Health and Environment require stormwater oversight to protect rivers and wildlife from pollutants.

The division has implemented five measures to ensure compliance, including measures associated with illicit discharge detection and elimination, construction sites, pollution prevention and public education and outreach.

“Recreating outdoors, having clean water to irrigate, fresh produce and enjoying our rivers is an important part of Western Colorado’s way of life, and we are here to help make sure that happens,” said Josh Martinez, stormwater coordinator.

Residents can help by recycling used motor oil, composting grass clippings, waiting to fertilize lawns until after it rains or on a clear dry day, cleaning pet waste and shoveling snow in the winter instead of using salt.

“Small actions make a big difference when improving water quality,” Martinez said. “We have created a list of small actions each of us can do to be better stewards of our waterways and to give people ideas of how they can help with the mission.”

For more information, contact the Mesa County Stormwater Division at 263-8201 or