New solar array powers Grand Junction hardware store

A Grand Junction-based company has installed one of the largest solar arrays in the region to power a retail operation.

Syndicated Solar installed the array at Peach Tree True Value Hardware, 2963 North Ave. in Grand Junction.

The 97-kilowatt photovoltaic array includes 396 panels and nine inverters. According to Syndicated Solar, the array makes Peach Tree True Value Hardware the largest commercial property equipped with a solar array in Western Colorado.

The array generates an estimated 143,866 kilowatt hours of electricity, accounting for about 78 percent of electrical use and 55 percent of energy costs at Peach Tree True Value Hardware.

Over its 25-year life, the array is expected to decrease carbon gas emissions 241,350 pounds — the equivalent of planting 120,673 trees.

Peach Tree True Value Hardware qualified for federal tax credits and utility rebates that cover up to 70 percent of the cost of the array.

Syndicated Solar designed, engineered and erected the array in a process that took less than three weeks to complete.

As an integrated solar developer, Syndicated Solar offers a range of services, including construction management, engineering, financing, subsidy acquisition and tax consulting. The company also has developed computer software that improves collaboration between its satellite offices as well as monitors the performance of solar installations.

In addition to Grand Junction, Syndicated Solar operates offices in Denver, Fort Collins and Pueblo as well as a total of nine offices in Arizona, California and New Jersey.

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