New system turns sun into power at surgical practice

RGS Energy has completed the installation of a solar power system atop a new building constructed for General Surgeons of Western Colorado in Grand Junction.

The 40-kilowatt photovoltaic system includes 160 solar modules and is expected to generate about 60,000 kilowatt hours of electricity annually.

“The surgeons wanted to care for the environment by choosing renewable energy for their new building. Working with RGS was easy. They helped us design an efficient system that would maximize our energy savings while helping the environment,” said Carla Blue, administrator of the practice.

The solar system is expected to offset the cost of electricity to the new facility by at least 70 percent, allowing General Surgeons of Western Colorado to recoup its initial capital investment in five years. In addition, the solar system is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by more than 237 tons — the equivalent of burning more than 24,000 gallons of gasoline.

“General Surgeons of Western Colorado’s new facility is an important addition to the Grand Junction community, and they have demonstrated financial and environmental awareness,” said Justin Pentelute, president of residential and small commercial systems for RGS Energy. “This solar array will not only offset their electricity costs, but will add monthly revenue through the sale of renewable energy credits as well as increase the overall value of the real estate and organization. We’re proud to create another strong partnership in the Grand Junction area.”

Based in Louisville, Colo., RGS Energy is a division of Real Goods Solar, a pioneering firm in the solar industry that’s installed more than 16,000 systems across the United States. Real Goods Solar recently purchased Syndicated Solar, a firm founded by Pentelute in 2009, and has maintained the Grand Junction office and staff. For more information, call 424-5254 or log on to