Next up: the committee to end all committees committee

Craig Hall, The Business Times

I mean, after the abject failure that is the Super Committee, why the hell not? It’s not like it’s gonna work or accomplish anything. And folks, it’s time we faced the music: This is just how our elected officials Washington, D.C., want it.

Craig Hall

I’m sorry. But I’ve had it. And no, this news isn’t new to me all of a sudden just because I’m shocked at the failure of the last, last-ditch attempt to save our country and its fiscal problems. Because you and I both know our worthless “representatives” in D.C. will roll out a few more committees, study groups and special, closed-door deals all in the name of getting in front of the cameras for a back-slapping, self-worshiping, Felliniesque fiasco, all in the name of a “we saved the country again” photo op.

No, this is more like facing the inevitable. At some point when the plane is going down, it doesn’t matter if the 747 in which you’re flying is populated with the best pilots in the world (everyday Americans we all know and love) or the worst pilots in the world (the politicians everyday Americans elected with their aspirations, hopes and dreams only to find out they can’t fly and we can’t get rid of them). Eventually that plane must come back to earth. Rapidly. At a high rate of speed. Stopping suddenly. In a violent manner.

That’s where I.m at 25 or six to four on a Tuesday deadline morning when I can’t sleep. I’d say the reason I can’t sleep is that my 4-year-old has been coughing with her allergy related asthma, but that would be a lie. I can’t sleep because I can see where this country is headed with its leadership, and sadly, we’re all on the same, big plane.

If I were on Facebook writing this, now would be the time when some idiot would write a post to say, “But Bill Clinton left office with a surplus!” To which some bonehead (yes, sometimes that’s me) would get sucked into saying, “But Clinton’s surplus was a fallacy!” And you know what? It doesn’t matter either way. We can argue Reagan, Clinton, Kennedy, Lincoln, Washington, the Bushes and the Roosevelts all we’d like and it won’t change the simple fact our government spends nearly twice as much as it confiscates from the citizenry. And as much as we’d love to believe our government is benevolent in its intentions, the results speak to something quite the opposite. All these programs are about feeding the beast, the very same beast that is about to devour its host.

Does anyone really believe Social Security was enacted to help seniors with a retirement income? If you do, here’s a fact for you to give some clarity. The very people the program was designed to help were supposed to be dead by the time they were eligible for benefits. So may I ask again, why do we have Social Security? Time magazine knew the answer back in 1939. Wanna hear it? It was a roundabout way to fund the government because the politicians knew a direct tax on those they love to call “everyday, hard-working Americans” to fund the machinations and vote-buying programs of the government would never fly. To really stick it to you, they made it look as though your employers were paying it. Oh, your employers were paying it, all on the wages they never paid you, because Uncle Sam had a gun to their heads. You can argue all you want about how Social Security has helped millions, and your point would only validate one truth: Bernie Madoff’s initial investors did pretty well, too.

Is there a way out? Yes. We will get it in place in time to save the country in which you and I grew up? My answer this morning is no, simply because we lack leadership and decision-making fortitude in our elected officials. And when you consider that even if we elect all new senators for the one third of seats up for election in 2012, there’d still be two-thirds of the stiffs left in the Senate who’ve been flying the plane. Worse, with the gerrymandering and rigging the folks in the House of Representatives have turned into an art, a good 90 percent or more will get re-elected. May as well turn the cockpit over to Roy Orbison and Stevie Wonder, you’d have a better shot at a smooth landing.

I wish we could do a corporate severance package for each and every one of our elected officials in D.C. I know lots of folks get their panties in a wad about these kinds of packages, but hear me out. Let’s say we give every member of Congress and the president and vice president $10 million each to leave office and never return. The cost to the taxpayer would be only $5.37 billion. Put that into perspective as you think about how these same folks are about to OVERSPEND their confiscated revenues by a mere

$1.6 TRILLION or $1.7 TRILLION this fiscal year alone, with the same amounts budgeted for the next decade. Sadly, this would be a bargain at 10 times the price.

With all due respect to Bill Buckley, all we’d need then are some phone books, a few darts and budget of $1 trillion or so and maybe, just maybe, the plane would start to nose up a bit.