NFIB extends insurance program to Colorado

A small business advocacy group has extended a program offering workers’ compensation insurance to members to Colorado and seven other states.

With the latest expansion, the National Federation of Independent Business now offers workers’ compensation coverage in 27 states through Employers Holdings.

A nonprofit and nonpartisan organization, NFIB represents small businesses in Washington, D.C., and all 50 state capitals.

Through its subsidiaries, Employers Holdings offers workers’ compensation insurance and other services to small businesses in low- to medium-hazard industries.

Additional information about the program is available online at the Web site at Information about NFIB membership is available online at

“In a time when many small businesses continue to face a challenging economy, we’re pleased to offer our members access to discounted workers’ compensation insurance and services from Employers,” said Mark Garzone, senior vice president of marketing at the NFIB.

Garzone said Employers focuses on providing services to small businesses.

“A strategic approach to risk management and cost controls is smart business in any economy, and we are confident our current and future small business members will benefit from this relationship,” he added.

Qualifying NFIB members are eligible to receive a 5 percent discount on workers’ compensation insurance policies with Employers in addition to other discounts offered by the company. NFIB members can purchase coverage through independent agencies offering Employers policies.

“Like the NFIB, Employers is dedicated to serving America’s small businesses, making our partnership a great fit,” said David Quezada, senior vice president and general manager of strategic partnerships and alliances with Employers. “Small businesses play a critical role as innovators and job creators, and we’re pleased to extend this offering to NFIB members in eight additional states.”