No matter who we elect, the perils to freedom persist

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

By the time this column is published and distributed, we’ll know exactly who the enemy is and who we need to fear once they take their elected positions in our local, state and federal governments. Enemy, Craig? Really? Yes, really. Here’s why.

As I looked over the ballots locally and across the country, I saw the vast majority of candidates all used the same terminology in seeking votes: They will “fight for you.” Let me ask you one question. Name one candidate who’s ever asked you what you wanted from government. That’s not to mention what you’ve asked them to run for in terms of what you wanted and go fight for you to make it happen over the needs and wants of others? I hope your answer is nobody. That’s what’s called having a special interest candidate for doing with government as you please at the barrel of a gun. Oddly, that’s also the opposite of something almost every candidate runs on: eliminating special interests.

Yet, candidates of every persuasion get elected time after time promising empty rhetoric. Worse, this year there’s an entire party hell bent on revenge and punishing those who don’t think as they do. And yes, those are Democrats. Electing them at any level is the worst possible choice — just ahead of electing most Republicans.

To a candidate, almost none have any clue or care about the most important job. And that’s to protect our rights to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. Pretty much everything else they do takes away rights, confiscates our money and limits our ability to live our lives as we see fit. All one needs to do is look into the voting records for incumbents, the legislation they’ve proposed or campaign speeches they give when surrounded by sycophant voters living their lives through those running for office who promise to punish folks who think differently.

Is this a jaded view? You bet it is. It comes from experience. And it’s getting worse since the election of Donald Trump as president.

That’s why I have to draw a line on the Democrat Party. Its actions since the constitutional election of President Trump have been abhorrent — like a spoiled 7 year-old child who didn’t get the toy he demanded for Christmas. Party leadership is based in revenge and control of the individual because its under the complete control of the radical left — which allows no straying from the party line. That’s how you end up with the persecution of individuals like Justice Brett Kavanaugh or, worse, the millions from history whose names we’ll never know. That’s why I’ll never support a Democrat again and fight them at every turn.

That doesn’t leave Republicans off the hook. Too many are fully invested in crony capitalism and think government is the answer when it comes to all of our needs while bowing to special interests in the same manner as their political opposites. I’ll be brutally honest. I voted Republican for the simplest of reasons this time around: they aren’t Democrats. That’s no way to vote, people. I voted for folks who I believe will hurt my rights less and take less of my property. I have no idea who they are, but I can assure you they have no interest in “fighting” for what I want. Time and again I’ve seen legislation introduced by Republicans to fix everything; seen tax cuts pass that increase “revenues” (a misnomer that needs to be put into the dust bin of talking points because its confiscation) only to have them overspend and not repeal bad laws; and seen crony capitalism deal after deal. So what exactly do Republicans do? They certainly don’t “fight” for me. They run on promises, never to be kept with the (non) repealing of Obamacare and John McCain types setting the lead. So less and less makes me want to vote Republican.

That’s how I end up where I end up at the end of every election cycle This mid-term election was no different. I voted for folks who’d hurt me less and against every legislative proposal on the simple grounds of “stop fighting and helping me” through what some person or special interest believes is best.

Sad, isn’t it?

As a nation we’re at a place where voters feel the need to use the ultimate force of government to get their way. Hint: If you need your way forced on someone, it can’t be a societal good. That’s not what government is supposed to do. It is supposed to PROTECT your ways, not force them onto others. But that’s what elections have become: a referendum someone is “more right” than someone else based on how the majority of people vote or how their representatives vote.

That thinking got us slavery, Jim Crow, poll taxes, the New Deal, Obamacare, Medicare and Medicare, welfare, Social Security, the alphabet bureaus that rule over us and more government controls.

I just pray we voted for less.