Occupational health business offers online process for exams

First Aid Occupational Health in Grand Junction has created an easier way for commercial drivers and their employers to schedule and pay for physical exams.

Drivers and their employers that schedule and pay for exams online at www.dotgj.com save $10 on the examination fee. When drivers show up for their appointments, they complete minimal paperwork and receive their exams in a timely manner.

“Our systems are created and designed to make this process easy for commercial drivers or their spouses, who often do the scheduling,” said Diana Thuma, billing coordinator.

In addition to convenience, First Aid Occupational Health also promotes well-being in counseling drivers on strategies to improve their health — even on the road — said Bryce Christianson, clinic director.

First Aid Occupational Health is located at 2140 N. 12th St. For more information, call 812-3844 or visit the website located at www.firstaidocchealth.com.