On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me …

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

Well, I don’t have a “true love” unless you count my daughters — but then the song would have to say “… my unconditional loves gave to me” and that just doesn’t work. But I digress.

Christmas is the season about giving the best gift, and that’s what I believe God did with his Son, speaking of unconditional love. So when asking for a gift, why not shoot for the skies? After all, how much bigger than the total forgiveness of one’s sins, eternal life and living a life of love as Christ did can things get? So with that in mind, let’s aim high this year.

And when aiming high, how much higher — or more difficult — can one go than to ask that our government at all levels actually get things together, serve the people and limit its scope and influence into our lives? It’s more than time for government to realize and adhere to its role and let the inalienable rights of the people be just that: the rights that come from God (or for liberals, nature’s god, the big bang, evolution, or what have you — we all know it’s God) that shall not be infringed upon in any way. Yes, this includes the absolute rights in our Bill of Rights from the press to religion to speech to gun ownership, you name it. It’s time to put the law and control back into the people’s hands. Passing laws is about control, favoritism, making criminals out of law-abiding citizens and the infringement of rights. Just do the basics in the Constitution and please get out of our way. It’s time to party with the law like its 1787 once again.

On the world stage, and to paraphrase every pageant contestant who ever answered a question, I really want world peace. I guess I am aiming high this year. We can go all talking point on this if you wish. Can’t we all just get along? Love thy neighbor as thyself. Do unto others. I’m not naïve enough to think that everyone will. And there are some who won’t even try to the point of using the most violent of methods to have their way. In that case, I still want world peace, but this is one that will have to be through strength and force, as all other ways will not work. In that case, I wish for the protection of those that would bring peace in that manner, and the blessings of God, his Son and Spirit be with them during their service. Ultimately, the gift is where peace will be found. And it can’t come soon enough for me.

I also wish for the hungry to have meals, the homeless to find homes, the sick to be healed and for those less fortunate to find their fortune. Sorry Santa, the hits just keep on coming. As the good book says, the poor and less fortunate and the sick and suffering will always be with you. But what makes life worth living is that there are millions of people who are also with us who work tirelessly in our communities in the battle against every one of these afflictions on people and society. And what a gift it is to have such people in our lives.

While there’s a lot of work to do against foes that can’t be defeated, there are also a lot of blessings in the battle. Perhaps this gift has indeed being given to you and me. I just need to open my eyes the other seasons of the year, because the war and warriors never cease. Let’s all recognize these warriors in our daily prayers and whenever we see them.

It is also my fervent wish that you and your business succeed in every way you envision in the coming year. Yes, I know profit has become a bad word. But let’s pray that profit becomes what it needs to be understood as: the force that creates jobs; gives us all the means to succeed not only professionally, but also personally with our families; and creates the wealth that can be used for great and charitable things. Money isn’t a bad thing — the love of money is — and for where your treasure is (and your check book and debit and credit cards are) there your heart is also. So let’s take our hearts and our treasure and use them for loving others in the coming year. God will make sure plenty is left over for you and your family.

Speaking of my family and all just getting along, Santa knows this wish is off the charts in asking for peace with 12- and a 7-year-old daughters in my life. That said, I couldn’t wish for anything else for my babies and how proud they make this daddy every day. They are kind, studious, smart (yes, even with their mouths, that’s called karma and God’s sense of humor) and genuinely caring. I couldn’t ask for more given what they’ve been through in their young lives. I pray that God keeps putting the right people and opportunities into their lives so that they may prosper and continue to do the work and live the lives God put them here to do.

As for you, I wish our readers a blessed Christmas and wonderful New Year. As for me, just all of the above!