Once a year, I find myself here

Craig Hall, Publisher
Craig Hall, Publisher

And that would be in a place with either little or no energy to write and zero interest in much of anything in the news. Or perhaps with all that’s gone on in my life over the past six months and finding myself between two trips with only two days to work these past two weeks,  my brain just decided to shut it all down.

Maybe that’s a good thing noggin-wise, because I get tired of it running 24/7.

That said, it’s deadline Tuesday and the boss here at the paper is one mean hombre. Actually he’s a total pushover. Just ask his kids — another reason for the loss of words leading to today’s column since the first trip was a four-day adventure with them.

So with my humble apologies to the great Thomas Sowell, who has about a million times more writing talent than I, I’m headed to the Internet to research a column about random thoughts. While I normally would use my go-to with Facebook for fodder with today’s world, instead I’ll go to the Drudge Report and see what our mainstream media, websites and blogs have to report.

I’m going to ignore the obvious headlines that have the two disparate groups at each others’ throats in our country. I’m finding more and more that nothing printed, tweeted or posted does much of anything to change anyone’s mind — let alone get them to research the actual facts surrounding some event. The only time I’m looking at a problem or occurrence in society with a sober, open mind is when I’m face to face with someone. (Try it sometime, and you’ll discovery you agree on about 90 percent of stuff). Yes, I’ll still post stories or thoughts and hope to provoke someone to look into something. And of course, I’ll post some attempts at humor on other folks’ posts as well. But as far as debates go, I’m praying those are a thing of the past.

So here’s a few headlines from Drudge (which reads more like the National Enquirer) for Feb. 21, 2017.

1. “Venezuelans lose 19 pounds a year due to lack of food.” Isn’t it amazing just how quickly the progressives’ supreme example of how great socialism can be has failed? Central planning always results in a few things: rationing due to shortages of goods and services; suffering; and, of course, total power under a dictatorial tyranny. Then again, when one group demands that it, and only it, comprises the select few with the knowledge to run everyone’s lives and creates the power to do so, bad things happen. And that’s always the goal of progressivism. The only solution is freedom. It will take a revolution at this point in Venezuela.

2. “Teacher ‘reassigned’ after praising Trump action on immigration.” A couple of things strike me here. First, is the question of whether or not teachers are allowed to have a life apart from their jobs. This “reassignment” is the result of a Facebook post and not something said in the classroom or to the kids. Was the post harsh? In a way it was. But only in the sense that its generality made it so. Second, and more important, the post was not politically correct in its subject matter. This brought the all-to-obvious reaction from the school district, which like most districts tends to be over-progressive leaning in their administration. It’s funny how people are worried about what’s being taught to our precious children in our schools (like, I dunno, Betsy DeVos) all of a sudden. Now if the teacher has a contract clause to stay non-controversial online, then some type of punishment is indeed proper. The problem is, these situations tend to only run one way.

3. “Fake news site lets liberals live in alternative reality where Hillary Clinton is president.” Sorry, but I must. On this site, Hillary has an approval rating of 89 percent while Trump is on trial for treason because of our current “constitutional crisis.” I see two very real realities here: Many liberals already live in an alternative universe to most Americans, and we’ve been in a “constitutional crisis” since Marbury vs. Madison back in the early 1800s, if not before the ink dried on the original document. Just thank your local politicians.

4.  “Life changes you, according to 60-year study.” Ummmmmmmm, yeah, it does. Now pay me.

5. “Last night in Sweden: Riots in migrant suburb.” Let’s just say I’ll wait a few days to see how this ferrets out given that “migrant” tends to be a catch-all for nationalities the press wants hidden based on its own agenda. But I’m betting it means the same things the press uses to cover up “migrant neighborhoods” in France. I’d prefer our “migrant” neighborhoods in the U.S. be proud to talk about the nationalities of all who live there with great stories of success and progress, and all we let in desire them to be so.

6. “Second orange alligator pops up in Carolinas.” Just because I find that hilarious. I guess rusty pipes can bring something fun to the world outside of Flint, Michigan.

Well, there you go. Some other stuff going on. I see a federal government role for some of it, state role for others and no role for the rest. Especially that cool alligator.